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New York City

"Can a city that never sleeps ever be a city of dreams?"


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As the plane started to make its descent on New York, Arthur couldn't help but admire the skyline a bit. The city was big now, incredibly so. Old buildings like the Empire State Building were dwarfed next to some of the new ones that had been built, and many other areas had to be ripped up to fit in more places to live for its growing population. The ghettos and slums were nothing to admire either, but this was home for now. Whether Arthur liked it or not.

Peter sat reading the news paper, mostly quiet and keeping to himself. "Looks like our Commander in Chief is busy once again." He said mostly neutrally. What he was referring to specifically was the threats by the President to shutdown the government. Bickering over funding, probably a lot of it a result from the runaway poverty.

Arthur nodded, partly to Peter and himself. "They say jump, we ask how high."

There was a smirk from Peter, thinking over some of the 'personal' business they had to take care of in the next few days. "Yeah, well that's why we have our independent operations isn't it Arthur?" His partner remained silent. Peter sighed slightly and went back to reading his paper.


After the plane had touched down, Arthur and Peter made their separate ways, agreeing it would probably be best to meet the next day and grab some coffee. Of course, coffee meant business, and business meant (usually) either dealing to people or dealing with people. Neither of which he relished.

Arthur had picked up his car from the airport and had started to make his way home. It was getting late, and he knew he should sleep. But he also knew he couldn't right now. He missed his turn off (intentionally) and continued to another part of the downtown area. After probably a 6 or 7 minute drive further (the traffic was easing up by this time of night), Arthur pulled up in front of a diner. It was old, and a bit worse for wear looking, but it was his favorite spot, and a place where he felt comfortable. He parked the car, got out, and went inside.

Without waiting for any indication from a server, Arthur took a seat at an empty table near the window, sitting in the seat facing away from the door. It was pretty much empty in there at this time, but most places stayed open late these days, partly for security and partly because there can be (on most nights) enough business to make it worth it. Arthur had pulled out his phone and started to browse, pretty much anything and everything. News, social apps, even some profiles for 'interested persons'. He quickly placed his phone down as he caught movement at the side of his eye however. Turning and looking up, Arthur smiled at the waitress who'd just arrived at his table.

"Hey Tracy, good to see you again.

The girl flashed him a big, friendly grin. "Good to see you again too gramps, how's the funeral business these days?"

He smirked. "Is this how you flirt with all your customers?"

Tracy gave him an exaggerated look of annoyance. "Only to the old men that go days without coming in to see me."

"Well I'm sorry Tracy, works been busy, so I'll just have to make it up to you now. Also, I'm only 43 Tracy, not an old man. And what are you even, 27?"

This time, she exaggerated the look of taking immense offense. "I'll have you know I'm only 25 sir! How very rude of you to insinuate I'm old!"

There was a slight chuckle from Arthur. "Alright, sorry. Guess I'd better be coming in more often then to make that up to you too."

"You better! Girl starts to feel like she just isn't important when you ignore her like that!"

"Alright alright, I'll be in again more, I promise." He said with a pleasant sigh.

"Fine, it's a date then." She said playfully.

"Oh so that's what you're looking for is it?" Arthur asked with his own exaggerated 'machismo'.

Tracy grinned and bent towards him. "Only if you keep coming in and keep tipping." She said with a wink.

Arthur nodded, the smile not yet faded from his face. "Well then, how about you start me off with a coffee. Hold the sass though."

"Rhymes with something I'm sure you'd much rather have." She responded with a small laugh as she went back to the kitchen.

The smile stuck with Arthur for a few more moments. Tracy was a sweet girl, though seriously wasting her time. He knew she had some brains, probably as good as her looks. Working in a diner in New York was never going to get her anywhere, so he seriously hoped she changed that.

Something else caught Arthur's attention, outside of the coffee shop. It was Peter, standing there beside his own car, giving a wave, and making his way to the door. What was he doing here so late? They had agreed on business tomorrow, not tonight.

And then everything stood still for a moment.

Both Arthur and Peter's eyes widened. It took a moment for it to register with both of them, but they had just heard a massive explosion. Peter looked around frantically, trying to get a view of what was going on. He gave up after a moment though, the buildings obscuring his vision too much, so he ran inside instead.

"Arthur, did you just hear that?" After Arthur gave a slight and sullen nod, Peter looked around the room somewhat frantically again. "That was either really close, or really bit. What was that?"

Tracy entered the room again, her eyes stretched in shock. "W-what was that?" She asked, the sound of building anxiety clinging to her voice.

Arthur looked around in complete confusion before checking his phone again and going to the news. Peter had turned on a TV in the diner and began flipping through channels. Nothing was coming up on either for about 5, maybe 10 minutes. Then finally something appeared.


"Just moments ago, a massive explosion erupted out of a New York City food supply building, just a few blocks away from where we are reporting. We don't know what has happened yet, but we know this specific building is one of the very crucial ones New York has set up to help deal with food shortages and poverty. The Fire Department, Police, and Medical Services are on their way as we speak, but still no news as to what has happe- Wait... We have breaking news, which may be related to this incident. At almost the same time as the explosion here in New York City, there was a similar explosion in a food production building in Pacifica City, in the South China Sea. We do not know yet what has happened, but some sources are indicating they may be connected. We-"


The connection went fuzzy for a moment as something else appeared on screen. It was a man, wearing a 'comedy' mask, standing in front of some kind of flag with Arabic writing on it. He spoke in Arabic, but there were subtitles in English below it.

"People of the world, for too long have you all lived in degeneracy and vice. You have perverted yourselves and the ground you walk upon. Today, our glorious revolutionary group takes action against this disgrace. We have attacked just two very important food buildings in the cities of New York and Pacifica today. This is a small taste of what is to come, but a reminder of the power we wield. Today, we condemn you to hunger. In a month, perhaps starvation. And later, total breakdown of your disgusting societies. There shall be a rise of the true, pure Islamic State, and all others shall be destroyed! Victory shall be ours!"

The screen went black for a few moments before returning to the news, and the startled news anchor.


Arthur looked over at Peter, who stood staring at the screen, jaw wide open in shock. "THEY AREN'T TERRORISTS!" Arthur shouted, slamming his fist on the table.

Peter looked over to Arthur, still in shock at this point. "I- Look, they pretty much just said they are Arthur!"

Anger and annoyance only continued to build in Arthur. "No, THAT was not 'Islamic Terrorism', that was misdirection! These... PSYCHOS are trying to... to..."

"To do what Arthur? This is the BIGGEST thing we've seen as evidence of them, but... I mean this could be ANY terrorist group putting on a creepy mask to scare people! An internet joke stolen by-"

Arthur put a hand up to cut Peter off. "Look Peter, with all the weird stuff that's been happening, you and I BOTH know something else is going on here. I don't know if they did this, or why they would, but I know that IF this group is real, THIS is part of their game." Arthur looked back at the TV, the vitriol only growing inside of him, knowing just how far these people have gone, and how far they'll go. "This wasn't political. It wasn't religious. This... This was chaos. It's their tool. Their plan. Probably even their goal. And they are far from finished..."