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located in New York City, a part of Commedia dell'arte, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York City

"Can a city that never sleeps ever be a city of dreams?"


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It had been a few weeks since that day, when they were both saved and enslaved, that Clarke and Clara woke up onboard a setting that was becoming more and more familiar to them each passing day. Yes, they were at the mercy and service of the one who rescued them, a boy named Zilas Black, or at least that is what he called himself.

However, as Clarke was waking up early, he and his sister resting in a nice large bed wearing two oversized shirts to sleep in, it wasn't really that bad. The first day had been a bit shocking, but it helped reveal Zilas' true nature to him. Incidentally, the reason that Clarke and Clara slept in the same bed was not a lack of beds, but rather having grown up on the streets, they always slept next to each other for protection. Even though they were safe here, it was not a habit they could kick easily.

Clarke still replayed the events of when they first arrived in his head sometimes, though...

The moment Zilas brought them there, he dragged that man off telekinetically and threw him into a holding cell. It appeared that this flying ship, the Moonray, was both his base and his home, as well as his mode of transportation, and was able to cloak and hide itself. But it was when he got back did the confusion happen. The first thing Zilas did was make them get out of their clothes, all of them. At first, Clarke thought maybe he was interested in something else. He had saved their lives sure, but it gave Clarke pause for a moment.

But then, Zilas assured him it was not what he was thinking, and Clarke remembered how people who did think like that usually looked and felt. Zilas didn't give that feeling at all. Instead, after they were naked, he made them use a decontamination shower twice, together with him to make sure everything got washed. Clarke still had some concern, especially when Zilas took them to another large bath afterwards to help them clean off. But the third thing he did to him confirmed the new theory Clarke had: Zilas was looking out for them.

That was because he gave them a bunch of immune system boosters and vitamins to take. Since Clarke and Clara had been orphans, he had been concerned that they might be suffering or carrying something really bad, and also figured, correctly, they had not had a proper bath in years.

As for the clothes, he had them go through their own decontamination and then wash cycle, on the off chance they could be saved, but figured he should just get new ones for them anyways. Since it seemed like the ship was almost always in the air, the only way in or out was through Zilas' teleportation.

And then, he taught advanced knowledge and training, and various other things such as things vital to knowing how to serve him. He could be insane, utterly mad at times, and merciless. Clarke and Clara saw what he could do, and how powerful and dangerous he could be. The training program they did could also sometimes be strict and merciless, but they had already agreed and he did save his life.

Clarke decided to let Clara sleep a bit more, and got dressed into some sweats to work out in as he started to do a morning jog around the ship. Normally, he tried to wake up earlier then Zilas as part of being a servant, but during his run he heard activity inside the tech room, at least that was what Zilas called it. It was full of computers, news monitoring devices, but it also had some tables and couches and even its own fridge even though the kitchen was close by. Maybe it was meant for a team to use to plan covert ops or something?

As he checked inside, he found Zilas looking at the news...he didn't look upset, but he didn't look happy either. As an orphan on the street dedicated to protecting himself and his sister, Clarke could pick up on these things...

Zilas stared at the news monitor in annoyance until he finally noticed Clarke was there. It looked like he was still wearing his running clothes, so he was probably still in the middle of his morning run. Clarke and his sister, both were already showing so much potential. It made Zilas a bit happier, remembering that he saved them.

"Master Zilas? What is the matter?"

"Well, it looks like the group I had been keeping a watch out for, those clowns...what were their name?"

"Which one? Their official name, Commedia Dellarte, or the one you gave them, Gibberish Clowns?"

"Both is fine..." Zilas said. In truth, he just wanted to see if Clarke remembered. "Anyways, it looks like one of the reasons they were in contant with Arms Dealers was for explosives...look at the news".

Zilas turned on the news, to where Clarke could see the messages laid out before them. The subtitles helped for sure, but...Clarke noticed something, probably what Zilas was testing him on.

"It could just be the way he speaks, but...the subtitles are to distract from that likely possibility right?"

"A plus Clarke, as always. YOu know, for an Orphan you know quite a bit".

"We lived in an old library for some time. It was dangerous outside, so we did nothing but read".

"Ah. Anyways, yes yes. Most likely, the person speaking is not actually some radical islamist. Because there are subtitles, most people focus on that, but the accent...while yes, it COULD be how they speak, or a number of other things, the most likely answer is that they are not Arabic but reading phonetic translations".

"So, the point is chaos..."

For a moment, Clarke considering commenting on why Zilas disliked this group who seemed similar to himself, but held his tongue and didn't say something so stupid. For one thing, Zilas always made sure his actions would not hurt children. From what Clarke and Clara heard so far, they had a rough understanding of what Zilas went through. Hell, when they bathed together they saw the scars.

"Yes, but chaos in the worst possible way. There are differences between various types of chaos, and this...this is clearly a bad type. I am heading into the city, see what the first responders and such find out, and do some investigating myself".

"Do you want me to prepare anything?"

"Yes, I want you to mop and scrub the north hallways naked for thinking for a moment I was similar to them".

"Wait, what..."

"I can read people too Clarke. Otherwise, I will be fine. Oh, and you have to do all of Clara's chores too today for not immediately admitting and accepting it. She gets the day off".

"Yes sir..."

And so, with those words, Zilas set off...although to be fair, given there was only them on the ship, and no one else would find them, the only real part of that punishment was giving Clarke the extra work.

That said, Zilas also did it to distract himself. After all, those facilities they blew up helped children, a lot of them. Therefore, Zilas was actually really pissed off right now...he might just go and kill someone to blow off steam.