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Finger Wiggles and the Scot

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"Okay," Petra replied then remained quiet. Ross rested his hands on the railing behind him, crossing his right foot over his left. He caught her gaze briefly when she looked over her shoulder toward him. As she did so, he gave her a reassuring smile and a nod of his head.

As they traveled out farther into the water, Ross occasionally glanced up at the sky, his watch or over his shoulder at the shrinking Descendant Tower. When it seemed far enough that only the feint outline of the tower was visible and the waters were still he pushed off the railing. Ross then walked up behind Petra, gently resting his hand on her left shoulder. "This should be good 'nough." His right arm reached around her and slowly pulled back on the throttle until the engine was idling and the boat was no longer moving. He then switched off the engine and took a step back. "The waters should be calm, but ya may want to stay away from the railin' as aye drop the anchor."

Ross' hand gently brushed her back as he walked around her to the side of the boat. He checked the tether for the anchor making sure the knot was taut. He then lifted the anchor, definitely heavier than it looked but manageable for him with the vigorously training schedule at the academy. After walking over to the edge, he let it loose and watched it sink down in the water until it hit the bottom. Ross dusted his hands off as he walked back over to Petra and offered her his hand. He quietly lead her to the bow of the boat, picking up a blanket he hand prepared in his free hand. "If ya feel like yer gonna fall, just grab onta meh or somethin'," he said with a chuckle toward her.

Making sure Petra was steady, he gently released her hand but kept himself close to her incase she needed him for support. Ross took the blanket and laid it out on the flat part of the deck at the bow. It was the best spot on the boat, leaving the full view to be just the open water and the sun setting. He then took Petra's hand once more, helping her take a seat. "Make yerself comfortable. Kick off yer shoes," he said with a smile. "Aye'll be right back."

Ross headed downstairs in the boat, grabbing a prepared picnic basket, two glasses and the bottle of champagne. Before heading back up, he made his way to the electric panel. As he flipped the switch, up on board of the boat string lights wrapped around the railings, the mast and sails lit up, giving it a soft ambiance. He wanted candles but after some thought, being on a swaying... wooden boat with fire may not be the best course of action. Before returning to the deck, he also turned on the stereo that connected to speakers throughout the boat, causing soft jazz music to accompany the lights.

With everything in hand, Ross returned to Petra and took a seat on the blanket beside her. He poured them both a glass of champagne, then proceeded to open the basket. As he rifled through it, his gaze occasionally looked up to meet hers. "Sadly, Aye'm not much of a cook. So, aye hope ya like sandwiches," he chuckled as he pulled out 2 sandwiches. They might have only been sandwiches, but Ross still spiffied them up and made them look as gourmet as he could. "We have turkey, ham or veggie."