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New York City

"Can a city that never sleeps ever be a city of dreams?"


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It was now approximately 20 minutes after the initial explosion had been heard. Arthur and Peter had quickly left the diner, with Tracy and the other staff being ordered by Arthur to get to their homes quickly, and to make whatever necessary preparations were needed to keep them safe. The two agents had taken their respective cars and headed towards the approximate location of the explosion, but the 'panic traffic' was making the roads more difficult to navigate.

By the time they finally arrived, the building had collapsed completely. Rubble was strewn everywhere, some people wandered the area in a sort of daze, totally lost in shock from what they had seen, while other people... Weren't so lucky.

There was something of a light in Peter's eyes as he glanced around the rubble and bodies. Looking at the ruins of the old building, a theory was building in his mind. "Arthur, this wasn't just something random... This building was supposed to be resistant to most conventional explosives. Even regular demolition explosives would have had some trouble with the building's resistance... This was military grade."

Arthur's face was somber and serious as he walked up next to Peter, keeping his voice as low as possible. "Is this anything that came from you?" He asked directly.

Peter rolled his eyes slightly. "Us Arthur, let's not dance around that, okay? And no. Definitely not us. I've had access to some big stuff before, but this... This would have taken someone with some more 'elite' connections than I have." He looked around the area once more, still somewhat stunned and unsettled by the carnage. "Arthur, there may just end up being something to your conspiracies."

Some chatter could be heard a little ways away from Arthur and Peter, officers remarking on the strange 'occurrence' that had happened, rats carrying survivors out of the rubble. They were beginning to get more talkative, and coming up with their own 'explanations' for what they saw. Arthur and Peter began to make their way over to the group.

"I bet it was one of those f***ing witch people, rats don't act like that! This is why we should be tossing them into a-"

"Officer," Peter said in an even voice. "Have you ever wanted to know what it tastes like to swallow your own teeth? Cause if you do, then by all means, please keep talking." The even, confident, monotone to his voice was almost a little scary in that moment.

The officers were a little stunned for a moment as the one who'd been talking fumbled a response. "Y-you're not supp-"

Peter cut him off by simply flipping his FBI badge. "Actually we are. You boys do your job and keep your mouths shut, and I'll do my job and won't harass your teeth." He kept walking, signalling Arthur to follow him to get a better inspection of the area, and whatever it was the cops had been gossiping about.

That's when they both saw it, the rats skittering away from some bodies that had all been laid out on the ground. They could see a few at least were breathing, so it looked like survivors. Paramedics were closely rushing in to gather them up and pull them back to a safer location before transport to a hospital.

"You think this was actually the work of a magic user?"

"Hard to say. To be honest this is a first for me, so we're treading some very new water here. Best to be-" Peter's attention was caught by something moving near an alleyway.

Arthur noticed as well. It was a man, dressed in very strange clothes. He wore a sweater vest, a pair of brown trousers, and a light blue dress shirt. As Arthur thought about it, he started to get almost a '1950's dad' vibe from the person. But when the man turned, he was greeted by that unmistakable grinning comedy mask. "Peter, we got a perp!"

The oddly dressed man started running down the alleyway, and both Peter and Arthur chased after him. Adrenaline pumped through both of them as they pushed themselves to the max, wanting to be absolutely certain they caught one of the psychos responsible for this. They turned down the alley and ran for a few more seconds before coming to an abrupt stop. The man was just standing there, back turned to the two of them.

"HANDS IN THE AIR OR IT'LL BE YOUR BRAINS!" Arthur shouted as both he and Peter trained their pistols on the man.

The man began laughing, slowly and a bit muffled at first, but it got louder and louder, almost hysterical as he turned around. "SMILE!" He shouted as he extended his arm out to them, holding a detonator in his hand.

Both Peter and Arthur began firing like mad, but it was too late. The man had pressed the detonator.

They had been expecting an explosion, and they got one, but not at all what they had been expecting. There was now a fine red mist where the man's head had been before. There was no bone, no flesh, and no sign of the mask either as his body crumpled instantly to the ground.

Arthur unconsciously fell onto his knees, his hands dropping down to his lap, a look of confusion on his face as he tried to process what he had just seen.

Peter put his gun away and pulled out a cigarette. He went over to a dumpster, leaned against it, and lit up. He took a few puffs as he thought over the whole situation too, his face unnaturally calm and collected, and the little spatters of blood on it seemed to be totally unnoticed by him.

"They're... They're completely insane." Arthur sputtered out. "He didn't even bother to try fighting back... Our only suspect so far... He just... How could someone do that?"

"With explosives." Peter said neutrally with a shrug. "Either in the mask somewhere, or the mask was made out of it." His voice remained monotone.

"That's not funny Peter..." Arthur managed to get out from gritted teeth.

Peter shrugged again, nodding to the body. "He seemed to think it was." A rat then scurried by, followed by another, and another, until it looked like dozens were running past the two agents. Peter curiously followed their run with his eyes, noticing two figures standing in the distance.

"Peter, those aren't cops."