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S.A.A. Facility

Sibling Allocation Act Facility


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[ Ivy... I hope you know what you're doing. ] Funny thing was, Ivy rarely ever knew what she was doing. So many times she had tried to escape and failed. This was their best shot. They’ve already made it farther than she can ever remember getting. Ivy told herself if she ever were to try escaping again… It’d be the last time. She’d make it out or would kill herself. No, dying wasn’t high on her list of priorities, but even in the chance that it helps one of them get out, it would be worth it. And one thing she was certain about was that the guards were scared of her. And that’s all she needed.

For some reason, while the tension and unease from the others seemed to flow from Hawke to them, Ivy felt calm. It was a strange sense of peace and acceptance… Perhaps even optimism? Although she felt fatigue from absorbing the electrical currents in their cells, she also felt charged. It was like the power tingled at the tips of her fingers. She was stronger. Usually the recovery time negated any benefits that could come from absorbing electroshock she received within the facility. But with Hanne’s healing the effects still lingered. She felt deadly… and toxic, far more than normal. 

Ivy took a protective stance before Hawke and Hanne with her arms extended in either direction. Between whatever it was that Hawke was doing and potentially her own presence… They were uneasy and on edge. She could see it in the way their hands twitched near their stun guns. Unfortunately, no matter how much she wished it, Ivy couldn’t protect them from all angles. 

Before she could even attempt to act, a guard made a move for Hawke. Her heart skipped a beat as she turned her head to glance over her shoulder. Luckily he dodged in time, but it opened up Hanne. Ivy prepared to grab the guard’s hand but the blonde’s hand found his wrist first. She found herself staring in shock and awe as Hanne made the man turn into something grotesque. For a brief moment it felt like Ivy was staring into a mirror as she watched the girl. Was this what people saw when they looked at her? Hanne could control herself choosing to heal or deform… while Ivy just destroyed, like acid. In that moment she envied her control.

With her attention distracted, Ivy didn’t notice the guard that rushed her from behind. He grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her backwards. The force knocked her off balance causing her to fall to the ground. Part of Ivy instantly wanted to panic, thrash about, kick and scream. But before it could overwhelm her, she reached her hands up to grab the guard’s hand that had a hold of her. When her skin touched his he wailed in pain, releasing his grasp of her hair. Her own hold on him did not seize. Instead she spun around on the ground, twisting his arms over one another. Ivy then raised her foot slamming it into his knee causing a loud pop as it snapped backwards and he collapsed on the ground. 

While she was down another guard moved around her, heading for Hanne. As quickly as she could manage, Ivy scurried to her feet after the man. Just as he got his hands on Hanne, she reached him. She pressed her palms to both of his cheeks, standing on her tip toes to reach him. As the man writhed under her touch, Ivy looked over between Hanne and Hawke. She diverted her eyes as the man grew limped, side stepping out of the way as he toppled over. 

Back in the cellblock Vlad jumped when Novak screamed at the very abrupt arrival of Specter. He subconsciously balled his fist and prepared to clock whatever decided to linger in the cell. Even when he saw the younger male he was half tempted to follow through with it, but opted to drop his fist with a groan. Before he had time to react to what Spec said, Novak took his hand. "Come on."

Vlad and Specter kept up with Novak without hesitation. This wasn’t the moment for second thoughts. They were all in this now and there was only one end game that would see them all safe… And that was escape. The second Vlad stepped through the portal behind Novak he felt an overwhelming wave slam into his mind. It seemed as those the red head’s hold on his hand tightened when they rounded the corner presumably closer to Hawke as the pain grew. "Hawke! It's us!"

Like the flip of a switch, their minds cleared. Vlad moved around Novak slightly, using his free hand to grab his brother’s shoulder, looking him over with wide eyes. "Are you ok? Were you hurt?"

Specter ran to meet up with the group just in time to see the unlucky guard between Ivy’s hands turn purple in the face. He became intangible as the guard became a human domino and tipped over right where Specter was standing, falling straight through him and hitting the ground with a thud. There wasn’t time for any of them to exchange battle strategies or to even split up and divert some of the guards. In no time they were surrounded by at least another twenty guards. 

"There’s too many of them," Specter said looking between all the different guards, but was unable to find an opening. It was just a sea of uniforms ready to beat the living shit out of them.

"Stand down, now… And you’ll keep your pathetic excuse of a life," a guard said from behind Ivy. "Except her," he added while pointing toward the raven haired woman as she glanced over her shoulder at him. She knew, deep down, that he was trying to get under her skin… Make her lash out. But it was no surprise that this one in particular wanted to see her dead. The scar on his face the size of her own hand gave reason enough for his anger. It definitely was an old mark, so the man had plenty of time to let his hatred and grudge to grow.

"This bitch has fucked up one too many times. She’s mine," he added as he pointed his stun gun at her.

Ivy’s anger had boiled over causing her to no longer think logically but impulsively. She lunged forward, placing her palm flat on the guard’s face before he could speak anymore. As if he knew exactly what she was going to do, the man had his stun gun ready. Her grip on his face seized when the electrocution struck her in the abdomen. The electric current sifted through her, scorching every nerve in her body. It was like synapses were firing all over her. It vibrated along her skin, spreading out like a wave from the epicenter. The taste of metal and bile flooded her mouth. She fell to her knees as she felt the energy snaking its way through her veins. 

At first the wave of energy and power overwhelmed her, making Ivy fatigued and dizzy. But as it continued to flow through her it charged her like a battery. Her body seemed to move in slow motion as she reached her left hand towards the guard. She took hold of his wrist, letting the power surge from her and into him like a circuit. His face contorted as the combination of the electricity and syphon touch surged through him. His skin practically boiled under her touch causing him to drop the taser and falter to his knees before her.

The guards were taunting them, Vlad knew it. And it didn’t take many words for them to say something that struck Ivy in the right way and she didn’t hesitate to act. But the man was ready for it, pressing his taser to her side. The moment she was distracted the guards jumped into action. Vlad pushed past the others, throwing out his arms in either direction. "FREEZE!"

And for a brief moment every one of the guards froze right where they stood. But Vlad’s hold on them was weak as if diverting a river down dozens of streams. Tendrils of his power extended outward toward them, but the stronger their will the weaker his own hold was. Vlad squinted his eyes as he focused, blood beginning to drip from his nostril. "I can’t hold them forever," he groaned, trying to steady his breathing as much as possible.

Specter didn’t take a moment to hesitate and started to sprint around the room toward the nearest guards. He placed his hands on the man’s shoulders willing him to become intangible. As he did so, Spec pushed downward on his shoulders causing the guard to sink down through the ground. He could have stepped away and broken the physical contact letting the ground slice him in half. But as much as the idea appealed to him, he wasn’t a murderer. He didn’t blame the others for wanting blood, nor would he stand in the way. But the thought of taking another’s life didn’t sit well on his conscious. Instead he applied enough downward force to send the guards flying downward to the floor below. He could only hope landing over a dozen feet below would knock them unconscious.

Ivy grabbed the stun gun from the unconscious… perhaps dead guard. She really didn’t know which, nor did she care. Her bare feet quickly padded along the cool floor back over to the group, holding the weapon out to Hawke. "You may need this."

Specter ran around as fast as he could trying to push more and more guards through the floor. But the more guards he went to, the more they were prepared for him. The next one he approached had pulled a knife and lunged it at the male’s abdomen. Spec was barely able to phase before the blade tried to lodge itself in his chest. As he watched the arm go through him like water, a groan from behind him caught Specter’s attention.

Vlad held the guards back as much as he could, slowing them down or delaying their reaction time. But then, out of no where he felt something sharp pierce him from behind. His eyes blinked furiously as his gaze fell to see the small tip of a blade poking out from the lower right side of his torso. Whatever hold he had on the guards instantly fell as the knife was yanked back out of him, causing him to cough up blood. Vlad’s left hand fell the cup the wound as he glanced over his shoulder past Specter to the guard that stabbed him.

In a fit of rage or maybe adrenalin, Vlad quickly closed the distance to the man. He threw his right elbow into the guard’s jaw, then a gut punch and a kick in a chest that made the him stubble to the ground. Before the guard could get up, Vlad was on top of him, pinning him down. His blood soaked hand took hold of the man’s throat while his right ripped the knife free from the guard’s grasp. Before he could fight back against him, Vlad took the knife stabbing upward right underneath the man’s sternum, twisting and moving the blade.

Once the guard was dead, he rolled off the corpse and slowly moved to his feet. Vlad was losing blood quickly, causing him to become drowsy and dizzy. As he stood, he stumbled over into the wall. He closed his eyes trying to take deep breaths while putting pressure on the wound. Vlad didn’t want to look at it, he could already tell how bad it was. The warm liquid dammed at his hands and seeped through his fingers. As he coughed, spitting up more blood, his gaze drifted over toward his brother. "…Hawke?"