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located in Earth, Armor Spirits Version, a part of Armor Spirits, one of the many universes on RPG.

Earth, Armor Spirits Version



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Character Portrait: Shinku Rouge Character Portrait: Nazku Nilus Character Portrait: Jaune Al'asfar
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Meanwhile, back at Sanctuary:

Nazku felt something. It was subtle, so subtle that it was likely most would miss it unless close to its origin point. Nazku could only sense it really because of his connection to the Sanctuary, and this land. Only he noticed the oddity that occured just now, coming from the direction of the city.

"Something is happening...normally, I wouldn't sense something this small so clearly, but...its as if its a bad, its the start of something dangerous..."

He then turned to a girl that was behind him. She didn't appear too old, maybe around fifteen or sixteen, and she wore the attire one might expect of a servant or maid.

"Midorimaru, if you could go and investigate for me..."

Normally, an Armor Spirit cannot stray too far from their bonded human. However, there were occasional exceptions such as Midorimaru. So long as it was on this land, she could go quite far, and she was very reliable. And should something happen, Nazku could easily call her back to his side in an instant due to the bond they had.

"Of course. What of Jaune though? Knowing him, he will likely get himself involved".

"Indeed. He did head off that way, which is why I am concerned. Someone might be targeting him, like his father was targeted".

"I see. In that case, my lord, I shall head out immediately".

Nazku mused a bit that she did not need to call him that, but whenever he said that in the past she still insisted.

"Still, there seems to be powerful forces moving around now...I may need to handle things personally..."

"Is there something wrong, Master Nazku?"

Nazku turned around, and saw a young boy who had apparently overheard his muttering. He was dressed in a bit of an old fashioned way, like many who stayed in the Sanctuary, wearing a simple piece of clothing called a Boro. It was a tradition still enforced for those who lived in the Sanctuary, of which there were quite a few. Nazku wore something different though, clothes made to be worn by the Sentinel, the protector of the Sanctuary.

Children who found Armor Spirits by chance but had nowhere to live, or those who were persecuted by their families, or people who simply needed a place to stay, this was a haven for the pure and innocent in the supernatural community, as well as just those who needed help.

(Had to do some research, image for those who were curious what it looked like)


On the shoulder of the boy was a small purple squirrel, his Armor Spirit. Nazku realized he probably overheard him.

"Like I keep saying, no need to call me master or sensei. Anyways, just some irregularities. For the time being, I think its too dangerous for anyone to leave the Sanctuary right now, but I dont think its a threat to us".

"Oh, I see...what about Jaune though? Didn't he already leave?"

"Right...well about that...he should be fine. After all, he is one of our strongest".

Near Neogate Complex:

The pieces of metal collapsed onto the ground as Jaune's weapon turned back into yellow energy, which took the form of Kimaru once more. He continued walking forward, unphased by what just happened.

The pieces of metal then began to dissolve back into Spirit Energy and disappear, leaving nothing behind of the Goblis Jaune had just fought. Goblis were a rather strange case of Armor Spirit, they were basically creatures created from Spirits that could not manifest fully, and therefore lacked the ability to form a bond. They were usually weak, but could still be dangerous. However, since they cant fully form on their own, they would never manifest or cause trouble unless an Armor Spirit user comes nearby.

Thankfully, when two people of supernatural natures that are hostile to each other get close to each other, the colliding force of their conflicting supernatural energies creates a sort of force that tends to subconsciously repel people, keeping them away from the area without realizing they are kept away. It was sort of nicknamed as a barrier, even though it was not really a barrier at all.

Of course, obviously it would not make everyone vacate a crowded street immediately, but one usually had enough time to get somewhere isolated before they formed. If they didn't though, there were always alternatives, like the semi-expensive Time Stopper marbles that stopped time for everyone except those with supernatural auras within the area around it, for a limited time.

However, something suddenly made Jaune stop walking for a moment as he sensed something inside Neogate.

"Looks like playtime is not over just yet, Kimaru".

"Yes...this is something far more powerful then Goblis though...this could be serious..."

"Alright then" Jaune replied, with a playful smile on his face. "Then lets go have some fun then".