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Finger Wiggles and the Scot

Petra & Ross


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Ross's touch on her shoulder was soft, and instinctively Petra turned towards him, her grip on the wheel loosening. "This should be good 'nough." His other arm reached around her for the throttle, stilling the boat in the water. "The waters should be calm, but ya may want to stay away from the railin' as aye drop the anchor." She nodded, keeping close to the wheel as she watched Ross heft the anchor into the ocean, her gaze skimming his backlit figure.

When he returned with his hand proffered, she accepted it, following him around to the bow. "If ya feel like yer gonna fall, just grab onta meh or somethin'." In response she squeezed his hand, letting go as he pulled away to arrange a blanket nicely on the deck. "I'm steady. Thanks."

He took her hand all the same, helping her into a sitting position on the blanket. "Make yerself comfortable. Kick off yer shoes. Aye'll be right back."

Maybe he sensed that she didn't really know what to do or say; maybe he was just making a kind suggestion. Whichever it was, Petra appreciated that he didn't seem to need her to respond with anything, instead leaving her on the deck while he retrieved something. She toed off her oxfords, placing them safely behind her, and folded her legs up underneath her, smoothing her skirt down with both hands. Out on the water the air was fresh, and a light breeze cooled her skin while she sat waiting for Ross to return. Sighing, she leaned back, tipping her head up and closing her eyes as she just breathed it all in. She couldn't remember the last time she'd felt this relaxed.

When she opened her eyes again, she realised that little lights strung around the boat had been lit up, glowing gently. It made for a beautiful sight, though she supposed they would look even lovelier later when it was darker. Soft music wafted through the air, piped through hidden speakers, and she smiled to herself. Ross really had gone all out.

Footsteps signalled Ross's return to the deck. He settled beside her on the blanket, passing her a glass of champagne, then started pulling food out of the basket he'd brought back with him. "Sadly, aye'm not much of a cook. So, aye hope ya like sandwiches. We have turkey, ham or veggie."

Petra shook her head. It genuinely didn't matter to her this time. "Either is fine. I don't mind much." After taking the sandwich he passed to her, she tilted her champagne glass forward, producing a muted clink as it tapped against Ross's glass. She thought briefly of the champagne she'd had at the gala, and Ross's nervousness when he'd asked her for a dance, and couldn't help grinning at the memory. "Thank you for asking me out. I didn't expect this, but it's lovely."