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located in Earth, Armor Spirits Version, a part of Armor Spirits, one of the many universes on RPG.

Earth, Armor Spirits Version



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Last night...

Upon a moonlit field a lone man frantically runs across it, holding in his arms some kind of iron box, spotlights beam into the skies, and dogs bark in the distance. The man was dressed in what was once a fine dark blue suit and tie, now tattered and dirt, the tie ripped, his pants were little better, speckled in mud.

This man was Frank D. Crane, a n operator of many fraudulent companies that sold promises only to leave broken dreams. Frank was a wolf, who fed on the needy, and his reputation caught up with him when some of his clients ended up more than crestfallen, but dead. He was a desperate man, looking for any way out... and here it was, in his arms.

"The time nears, my prison chains wane," a growling voice cried out from inside the box, the runes in it lighting up with a ghostly blue flame. Frank fumbled, falling into the grass, the box rolling out of his arms before him. In the grass, the moonlight illuminates the box as it began to steam. "Ugh, watch it you fool!"

"A-and you will fulfill your promise, right?" Frank asks, dusting off the grass from his pants as he gets back up. "Power profound, fame, fortune, and all that stuff, ya? Eyyyy... not that I dun trust ya or nuthin' but lotsa risk for a voice in a b-"

"Enough! The time is now, press your hand against the vessel!" the voice yelled.

"Eyyyyy... yeah, yeah, sure, but ya didn't answer my," the crook responds fidgeting with his hands as he looks back to see the lights getting closer.

"Yes... but I can't as long as I'm stuck in here!"

"So, like a genie, right? Ya come out and grant my wishes?"

"Sure, whatever, just do it!"

Frank shrugs and reaches over to the box, as he does so, energy tethers leap out from the box and snatch him. In reaction, he tried to pull away but the bond was too strong and his hand was pulled against the box. He tries to scream but no sound escapes his throat, he only watches as the box cracks and and a blue light envelops the area as the box bursts open, and his eyes closed to shield against the brightness of it. As he slowly opened his eyes, he found time had... stopped, the shards of the box floated around him, and all the grass was push outwards in a circular pattern. Energy zipped around him, ghostly blue. His breathing was shallow, up until he heard the sound of... a slow clap. He falls back, and looks up above him, as a massive form with two red eyes stared down at him.

"Well done, Frankie-boy... not exactly a star performance, but well done all the same," the creature said, voice more booming now that it was no longer muffled inside the box. Thunder could be heard as the sky above them swirled, and soon enough, it began to rain. "So, now I suppose there is the matter of my promise to you, right?"

Nervously Frank grinned. "Yeah... yeah! Give it to me! The power! Eh, Eddy was it?"

"Editus Rayn!"

"Whateva! I did my part, now yas obligated to gimme!" Frank says, getting bolder as he stands before the beast.

"Your wish is my command!" Suddenly, Rayn stretched out two massive feathery wings and spread them over Frank, enveloping him into darkness. He had no time to struggle, as the being overcame him almost immediately.

"What are you doing?! No, no! Lemme go! This weren't part of the deal! Ya promised! Ya said you don't lie!"

"Familiar, isn't it, Frankie-boy? That feeling of betrayal, that despair! This is how they felt, betrayed by you! You've been quite the contemptible little monster, Frankie-boy, and because of that, no one will miss you," As the figure said this, it shrunk around Frank, squeezing down and reforming, twisting into a more human shape where Frank once was.

The new figure was suspended in the air, afloat only a few centimeters off the ground. Wavy black hair flowing in the wind. He wore a blackened form of Frank's suit and pants, turned into a fancier coat. Feathers adorned his shoulder forming what looked like a coat collar, large black wings spread out. The figure opened his eyes, red like the beast, the sirens getting closer. Withdrawing his wings into his form, he hid them away, and he descended to the ground. He straightened up his clothes and stuck his hands in his pockets, walking the other way, back towards the city.

Police soon surrounded him, lights blaring in his face, both flashlights and the blue-and-red lights of the cars surrounding him, causing him to squint. Dogs barked loudly as they surrounded him. He could hear the click of handcuffs as a man grabbed his arm. He gripped his hand into a fist, mumbling something under his breath. Then a voice yelled out, causing the dogs to go silent.

"Hold on there, this guy doesn't look right," an older officer yells out, likely the sheriff from what little could be seen of his badge and car as he stepped out, approaching the figure. "Yeah, this ain't Frank. Say, did you see a man run by here?"

Rayn lowered his fist, and became more relaxed, smiling slightly. "Admittedly... it's a bit dark out with the storm rolling in and all, but I think I heard a man running the other way..." The sheriff signaled the officers, and they continued their pursuit, passing by the two.

"Yeah, funny, they didn't call for rain today," he looked over at the dogs as they twitched about nervously, whimpering. He then looked back at Rayn. "That accent you have, you're not from around here, are you?"

"Yeah, getting out to stretch my legs a bit, see new places. Was just out for a brisk night walk, was a good night for it, don't you think... a real, hm, bummer," Rayn says, faking a friendly smile. He then reached out his hand. "I hate to cut pleasantries short, but I really must be off, forgot I had other matters in the morning... um, fine meeting you, officer, I hope you catch your man."

The sheriff raises a brow, but shakes Rayn's hand, something surging through him for a moment, a surge of images and sounds, causing him to nearly jump back. He looks down at his hand, eyes wide. Ran simply walked past him, putting his hands in his pockets. "Hey, wait a..." the sheriff began, but when he looked back, Rayn was already gone. He simply pushed back his hat and scratched his head.

Current time, Neogate complex

Head hung down, Rayn stood there leaning up against a wall, arms crossed, tapping his arm. This new world he had come into has so far proven more disappointing than the one he was sealed in. The closest thing to glory came from lit screens, as works of fantasy. Bits of blue ghostly energy, shaped like small winged creatures, visible to only a select few sensitive enough to sense it, danced and chirped in the air around him.

The world has... decayed... how unfortunate... perhaps it is time to rekindle that flame, remind these fools what true horror... eh?

He raised his head slowly, sensing something gathering around him. He cracked a grin tilting his head to the side.

"Oh? Perhaps this will be interesting after all."