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The West

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.


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Calliope was pleased with her latest remark, though she obviously could not tell that it only upset Lux further. While Artisan made introductions, Calliope redirected her attention to the five women, offering a similar bow when her name was stated. Calliope observed the women, noting their expertly conducted composure.

While the niceties of the palace were lost on her, she wasn't unobservant of the ostentatious tastes of Lord Fakharu. There was something curious about this business. A man with palpable amounts of money and influence can hire the assistance of any legion he wants. Why did he so adamantly request a group of powerful misfits? The thought was disrupted by Lux's shout.

“We are NOT lovebirds! I’m fully aware that I’ve made an ass of myself and all of us by proxy; you needn’t rub it in and be so bitter!” Lux cried.

Self-assured, Calliope cared not for Lux's sudden outburst, though it was amusing. Instead, she maintained a look of neutrality, while noting that she would have to reassess her previous notion of common wedlock traditions. Romance was easy for her to miss, since is was essentially nonexistent in Gladomain.

The people of Gladom looked at romantic relationships as a primitive ideal. She far better favored the relationship that of her parents. It is a partnership, a union. Built on physical mechanisms, such as protection, survival, combat, as well as sex. Romance, in her village, was not a concept. She had heard the word, yes, but it had an unfathomable meaning to it Calliope could never quite grasp. While some appeals from a Gladomeen's partner were pleasing -- such as a victorious battle -- other affections like dead flowers, precious stones, and endearing phrases, these items of affection meant nothing to her. Poetry, was Calliope's only personal exception, but this was beside the point (and a bit of information she often refused to disclose). But, as are the duties of the princess, she tried to understand these new terms anyway.

The party moved forward.

Calliope looked like a shark at the center of the party. Not a single flower or piece of art drew her attention-- not until Ashen commented on one. The Noble observed it carefully, the word 'romance' still lingering in the back of her mind. She thought about asking the party for a more accurate example of courtship traditions, but before she could concoct a decent question, they had arrived at the door of Fakharu.

"So, do any of you have much experience with courtly manners?" Ashen asked.

Calliope was quick to reply. "While mmy counntry may have many reasonns for starding wars, we also have cause for ennding themm. I have acted as ammbassador in the past for my mmother and father." Her eyes were fixed on the door, waiting.