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Kairo validating Ethan's good week, made him feel good inside. From some of their other sessions, the anxious male has truly horrific days. There was even one session in which he had been mute the entire time and just cried. It was a very interesting session. So to know that having a good week made the therapist happy, meant that he really cared about how he was. Not that Marissa didn't care, she just didn't look like she did. Ethan thinks she takes her professionalism with him way too seriously. "Seeing you walk in here with that cute smile of yours is officially the highlight of my day." Clark couldn't help the small blush that came to his cheeks. He ran his fingers through his hair and glanced away for a second in attempt to hide it.

He thinks my smile is cute! Should I tell him I think his smile is cute too...not that is bad. He is my therapist. I shouldn't even think he is cute... He took a sip of his water. "I-I'm glad we are both having good days.." He commented. But he would quickly realize that he spoke too soon. The large studio doors opened and slammed close. The sound echoed throughout the studio along with the voice of a woman. "Lucy...why are you here?" The woman had a name. Lucy. Ethan was very confused. He has never had someone interrupt his sessions like this. He didn't know what to do. In a strange way, he felt like he was intruding. He needed to get away. Get out. That woman is his finance. She knows you like her husband. Now she is mad. Go! Without saying anything, he just grabbed his things and stood up. "I uh..umm..bye!" He just bolted out of the dance studio, letting the heavy doors slam behind him.

Ethan could feel his hear his heart beating. It felt like it was right in his ear. The secretary watched him as he headed out the front door and out onto the street. The sidewalks were covered with people and Ethan felt like he couldn't catch his breath. He stumbled back until he hit the wall and then he just slid to the ground. He was breathing deeply and trying to ignore his thoughts. How could you crush on a engaged man? He is never going to want you? Lucy will always come first. It's your fault the session ended. It's your fault she is mad.