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located in Rebel Camp, a part of Outcasters: Atonement, one of the many universes on RPG.

Rebel Camp

A small campsite belonging to the Fey Rebellion, which never seems to remain in the same place for very long.


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Sunday pursed her lips at his remarks. If she had to think about it, he might be right, but she wasn't going to think about it. "It's Alice, She keep s making me remember," she said pacing. " She's too much like him sometime, Issac" she went on. "She can go days, weeks without a word and then suddenly the bombards me with images, memories...It's too much, I just want to forget." She said. " They aren't normal memories, either. Sensations, smells...tastes" She said, trailing off with the last word. She stopped her pacing and wrapped her arms around her. She could feel Alec's lips on hers as if it had just happened, taste the soda he'd drank moments before. It was easier for her to hate him if she didn't keep bringing up the good memories, the ones of a simpler time, where it was just them and the biggest problem they had was their parents finding out or worse, Grandmother.
She could have laughed but instead, she sobbed. Just once, before snapping her hand over her mouth. "Can we just? Surely you're hungry?" she said, her brown eyes glossy with unfallen tears. She wouldn't force him of course, but vampires where naturally insatiable what if she exploited it just a little. It benefited both of then in the end.