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Petra shook her head at his offer before replying. "Either is fine. I don't mind much." Ross reached in and grabbed the first sandwich, handing it over to her. He didn’t much care which one was left for him and honestly, part of him wondered if he would be able to eat at all with how much his stomach was in knots. The night was perfect though, at least in his opinion. The setting sun cast a warm orange glow over the still waters and the breeze was gentle, yet cool, rustling their hair and gently rocking the boat.

The soft clink of Petra’s glass against his own brought Ross’ gaze back to the gorgeous red head across from him. He couldn’t help his cheeky grin that commandeered his face and never seemed to let go. As he brought the champagne flute to his lips, he couldn’t help but notice the soft grin that seemed to cross her own lips. It was small, but something so subtle made his heart calm in his chest, if for a moment… Before it started to race yet again, more out of happiness or maybe excitement rather than nervousness.

"Thank you for asking me out. I didn't expect this, but it's lovely.”

Of course she seemed to say something the moment Ross had his mouth full, in a less than attractive manner. He chuckled as he brought his hand up to cover his mouth while he finished chewing. ”Aye was actually kinda terrified,” he admitted, causing his cheeks to flush slightly. ”Aye just had ta try… Worst aye could get was a no.”

Ross gave a coy smile as he picked up the champagne glass. His finger tips lightly tapped it before he brought it to his lips and took a drink. ”…Just wanted ta give y’a night as special as you.” He held her gaze for a long moment, smiling a soft and genuine grin, happy in the moment.