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located in Earth, Armor Spirits Version, a part of Armor Spirits, one of the many universes on RPG.

Earth, Armor Spirits Version



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Character Portrait: Shinku Rouge Character Portrait: Nazku Nilus Character Portrait: Jaune Al'asfar
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(Crraaaaaaappp....I got on a roll and it ended up being longer then I thought or planned. Well, I was able to show off some combat and explain some things with this, so its all good right? Anyways, my normal posts will be smaller, but now this should help people with posts and ideas all the same)

(Also, in terms of posting, every time I post will be the start of a new posting round. That said, I, and hopefully everyone else, will leave time for others to get their posts in, because we dont want to go too fast and leave them behind. However, I also dont want to go too slow and make absolutely no progress or take like, a month to get through half a scene or even one scene. I will leave some time for everyone, but as the GM I also have to keep the story moving)


Nazku waited there, anticipating Midorimaru to quickly communicate with him through their telepathic link about the status and condition of what was going on, when he felt it...a pulse of ominous feeling and energy. As Spirits, emotion and...well, spirit, did play a great importance to them, and so when something extremely dangerous, malicious, or even miraculous happened nearby, they could sense it to a degree. Some were easier then others though, and some like Nazku were able to sense it better, especially for the region around Sanctuary.

He immediately took out a phone, and decided to call someone.

"Hey, we need you to return as soon as you can. Whatever is happening here, its gotten bigger".

Neogate Complex:

"Well, that cut into the funds a bit, but there" Shinku said as he sighed with relief. Inside the bags, there was a good amount of clothing, but none of it was Shinku's size. No, it was clothing for Akamaru.

"Cooommmeee onnnn. I don't really have to wear that stuff right? I am a spirit! And a fox! We don't wear clothing!"

Listen, I don't know how it was 300 or 400 years ago, but its different now! You absolutely have to!

"People got so picky and silly since I was last awake. Its so pointless, especially on a hot day".

We are inside right now though, and the Neogate Shopping Complex is air conditioned. Anyways, now we can get some groceries.

Thinking that, Shinku decided to walk forward towards the grocery store in this place...but that was when he felt a chill go down his back.

Suddenly, Akamaru appeared in human form right behind him. Thankfully, no one seemed to fact, it almost looked like they were moving away from this area, so Shinku quickly grabbed one of the shirts and pulled it on to Akamaru's body.

"H..hey! This is no time for this! Something is coming!"

At those words, Shinku threw some shorts in his face as well as some sneakers.

"Put these on first".

" delay a battle for this is kinda stupid, but fine".

Akamaru listened to what Shinku said this time, due to the seriousness of the situation, and...

"Hm? Hold on...these are actually...really comfy? Really they even improved how clothes are made? Alright, I wont wear them all the time still, but they are not terrible...anyways, focus! There is something evil nearby! You know, one of those famous Armor Spirits maybe!"

"Famous? Hold on, should we get ready for battle now?"

"Yeah..." Akamaru said, as his entire body glowed and then turned into a red fox. His human form was more for utility, the fox form was his main form and combat form. That said, this time he seemed to properly store the clothing.

As for Shinku, he was still trapped in his battle form anyways. The two looked around...and then noticed a boy that seemed to get pulled down an unusually pitch dark hallway.

"Down there! It just abducted that boy!"

Hearing that, Shinku and Akamaru chased and followed the boy into that dark hallway....and suddenly, entered a very strange place. It looked like one of the main areas of the mall they were just in, with escalators, tables, cafes, and all that, was all strange. Trees and forests had overtaken everything, and while it looked like everything could work, it also looked like it was in need of maintence and cleaning.

"What the..."

"This is...its a Spirit Zone. Sometimes, in these incidents to hide and operate in secret, a rogue or evil Armor Spirit that is attached to a location will create a Spirit Zone. Its like a Spirit World, only smaller and localized. That said, that means whatever this is has to be much stronger then a Gobli".

A Gobli was a sort of generic Armor Spirit like monster. It was created from malice and greed and desire, but failed to have the ability to fully form into an Armor Spirit. It then became this hulking creature of malice and metal, in the form of what people tend to describe as Goblin. However, they cant show the power that a normal Armor Spirit potentially could, and they cant even materialize unless in the pressence of an Armor Spirit. However, that means they can move around without being noticed until they find an Armor Spirit user or Armor Spirit. Because of what they are made from, they will attack Armor Spirit users and those with high supernatural energy on sight, and it is known that if they kill one and absorb that energy, they will evolve into something far more dangerous called a Hobgobli.

Goblis of course are probably the weakest things out there, but that does not mean they are not dangerous and capable of killing.

Shinku looked around, just a bit nervous as he realized this was his first combat situation. That said, he was physically stronger and had supernatural powers now, so he hoped he would do better...and as he looked around, he saw the boy that was absorbed earlier...and a yellow fox?


"Huh? Oh, its Akamaru! We found Akamaru and it's human!"

And then, Jaune turned around to look at the two of them...when a massive four armed cyclops covered in armor dropped down from behind, a different weapon in each hand as he swung at Jaune and Kimaru.

"Look ou...ou?!"

Shinku shouted that, but he fumbled a bit halfway through. Not at the image of the first impacting Jaune's location, but from an increase of weight on his head as a pair of legs with sneakers on them dangled in front of his face.

"Its all good! Anyways, my name is Jaune! Jaune Al'asfar! What is your name?"

"Ummm....Shinku. Shinku Rogue".

"I see, nice to meet you Shin-kun....thats how you say it, right?"

"...yeah, but can you please stop sitting on my head? We can deal with formalities later, cant we?"

At those words, Jaune jumped off of Shinku and looked at the creature.

"Akamaru, AKamaru, after this, lets play!"

"Sounds like fun, Kimaru!"

Jaune then looked back at Shinku as he calmy walked towards the giant monster, who had his weapons ready again and was about to charge.

"Shinku, since you seem to be new at this, just watch and pay attention for now! I will show you the peak of an Armor Spirit's power right now!"

"Yeah! Watch this!"

"Alright!" Jaune said, as he searched for the phrase that would rally his soul and spirit inside his heart. "Playtime, Kimaru!"

"Woo hoo!"

Suddenly, yellow light seemed to radiate as the clothes disappeared from his body and new clothes seemed to generate, the clothes he wears in his Level 3 form. Actually, Jaune had added some unnecessary body movement in there at key times to make it seem like it was from an anime. He seemed to jump up as his normal clothes disappeared, and did a mid air spin as the new ones started to form. He flicked his wrists at the completion of the hoodie, and when the shorts and shoes finished as he landed, he pivoted at just the right way for a dramatic flare. It was more efficient energy wise if one went through Level 3 to activate Level 4...that said...

" did! That energy flow...I see, so thats how...but still, this is incredible!"

Akamaru seemed to react in a rather energetic fashion.

"What is it Akamaru?"

"Well, that transformation sequence...that was really quick! Before I got sealed away, it took like ten seconds for us to complete our transformations, even using time dialation!"


"Well you see, due to the torrent of supernatural energies that occur during transformations, time tends to slow down a bit but not the perception of those in the battle. Because of that, people could go through the whole transformtion with people watching, and provided they did it at the right time, not be attacked. But it was still pretty risky because it took like ten seconds before! But that one, factoring in the time dialation, took two seconds! And based on what I sensed...I think I understand how!"

Shinku was a bit surprised at Akamaru suddenly not acting like an idiot, but I guess it was more he had lot of experience in this specific area. He was also glad actually that Akamaru learned the faster transformation from that, because although the bright light blocked it, he would rahter not be exposed in either sense in that situation.

"But, was that battlecry actually necessary Akamaru? That seemed...well, really embarrassing to watch".

"Of course it is necessary! No joke! Even if we are special combat based Armor Spirits, we are still Spirits! We strongly resonate and connect with spirit and emotions! So when a human we are connected to searches their heart and announces a phrase that both the human and Armor Spirit resonate strongly with, it supercharges our energy and revs us up!"

Akamaru explained a lot to him, although Shinku felt it was silly it was so anime like. However, Jaune did not stop there.

"Kimaru, full power!"

"On it!"

And then, it happened...a large yellow vortex appeared behind Jaune and sucked him in, along with Kimaru that became his armor, and then suddenly...a large mecha seemed to come out! In a very anime like style too, for that matter, with extra details that one might think could just be special effects for theatric flare.

Of course, because Jaune wouldn't be able to control this thing as well as his own body, his soul was in something called the Soul Chamber. His soul looked exactly like he would without clothes, since souls are a representation of the spirit and not what they wore, but between the light that radiated from him being a soul, and the fact that no one could look inside the Soul Chamber, it was a frivolous detail. One might think it was anime inspired from other things that did the same, but if one considered possibilities, it was all hte more likely this was what inspired those various things in animes and mangas.

(The mecha looks something like this, but more fox like then cat like. Also, it has Jaune's color scheme of course)

Actually, all of those fancy details were just side effects of using supernatural energy in this way, and were totally unavoidable...unlike the movements Jaune did earlier.

" that...a mecha?"

Those were Shinku's words as he saw what emerged.

"Wait, didn't you know already? I mean, I thought the world kind of knew by now because of that pile of manga I found in your closet that all had Armor Spirits in them".

"Wait, waht?! No, the world still doesn't know! Why do you think I am trying to keep you a secret, so I dont draw the attention of weird people and reporters and such! went through my collection of mecha manga?!"

As this conversation was going on, Jaune had a large amount of wind gust around his arm as he delivered an attack and knocked the creature back. However, it seemed to land two blows with the four attacks it made using its arms, and then forced Jaune to dodge as it fired a laser from its eye.

"Oh...mecha is it? Its just, a lot of those images looked like Armor Spirits I knew".

While Akamaru told him this, Jaune and Kimaru did a backflip before kicking a condensed sphere of wind and lightning at the creature from afar. It deflected it with one of it's clubs, but failed to block the four lightning bolts that had been hidden behind it that struck directly.

"Wait, what?"

Shinku had that reply full of shock, as Akamaru sensed a weird spike of energy start to build. Meanwhile, the ogre shot several more laser blasts from its eye at the Level 4 version of Jaune and Kimaru, before charging right at the spot he would dodge to and attack with all the weapons he had.

"Yeah. I think all of these 'mechas' in those stories you had in there were probably inspired by Level 4, and maybe even a few Level 3, forms of Armor Spirits....Shinku?"

Jaune anticipated this and dodged though, but both he and the Ogre seemed shocked and distracted as they felt a surge of superntural energy surge from Shinku and Akamaru.

" other words...all these animes and mangas, all those details and epic stuff...a lot of inspiration came from Armor Spirits and real supernatural phenomennon?"

There was something one had to remember. Shinku was a highly responsible, highly intelligent boy who worked part time jobs at a young age and was self reliant and self managing. However, he was still a boy, with dreams, hobbies, and passions, along with an adventurerous spirit. And it just so happened, one of his favorite genres was mechas. He could never really afford to go into collecting though, so to now have the ability to use a real one...

His emotions and fighting spirit flared up unexpectedly. Although, he did have another reason.

"Alright then! I promised my mother I would live happily, and to myself I would be self reliant, so there is no way I can just stand here like this!"

"You mean...wait, we should start lower for our first..."

Akamaru started to speak, but he could feel the desire and wishes of Shinku's heart.

"Alright then!"

And so, in his very first battle, and using Jaune who was outside the norm as his example, Shinku went full force in his first battle. And searching his heart for the phrase that would resonate, it did not take long to find it.

"Let's go, Akamaru!"

Unfortunately for Shinku, he had no form in mind to set his Level 3 version to yet. Normally, this would cause a very embarrassing situation to occur where he appeared naked. However, to counter that misfortune that Akamaru failed to explain, he had seen Jaune's Level 3 transformation....and ended up copying it instead of such an embarrassing thing happening. That said, instead of being Yellow and white like Jaune's, it was red and black as it was Akamaru and not Kimaru.

Also, no one had corrected him on Jaune's movements being entirely unneccessary, so he also copied those as well.

Jaune and Kimaru were a bit shocked though, because based on the building energy it would not end there.

"Is he...planning to go to Level 4 for his first time! Thats...thats insane!" Jaune shouted, but not with concern but excitement. He was enjoying this, as if he found a great friend. "Normally people, especially people who were not a part of families that passed Armor Spirits down but instead were completely new to supernatural occurances, couldn't do that...but..."

"Akamaru! He can be so impatient! Dont tell me he found someone equally impatient!"

Incidentally, Shinku did get involved in all this in the first place because he was taking a short cut so he had more time.

Surely enough, Shinku didn't stop there. Akamaru, who had become his armor, resonated with his will.

"Akamaru, Full Power!"

And thus, just the same as Jaune, he also had a huge red vortex open up behind him and was sucked into it, his physical body being stored in a safe place while his soul was put into the Soul Chamber, which was the same as Jaune's inside Kimaru. In front of him, there were various projected screens like holograms, as well as controls that seemed extremely easy to use and understand.

That said...


"Its not me! This is your soul form! Listen, are humans born with clothing on?"

"...I see. But no one can see me right?"

Suddenly, a video screen appeared on the side with Jaune on it. Shinku was startled at first, till he realized the lowest thing that appeared was the belly button, and even then, their bodies shined so much like, especially from the heart, that it was fine.

"Wow Shinku! You managed to pull out a level 4 on your first fight! Your first day, even!"

"Right, thanks...this screen is too big th...oh".

As he thought that, the screen became smaller so he could only see Jaune's head, neck, and shoulders. Meanwhile, he had Kimaru land right next to Akamaru.

"You know I didn't need the help though, right?"

"Yeah...sorry, I just got really excited and I like to be self reliant. Should we finish this quickly then?"

"Sure. By the way, in future fights, you should avoid immediately deploying your Level 4. I was just doing it to show it off to you, since Akamaru and Kimaru are actually of the same family and yours would be similar. Level 4 takes the most energy, and you never know how active a day might be. I once had to fight ten groups of Goblis in a single day".

The Ogre, that seemed to be enraged, charged right at them...but then the two of them combined their elements of fire and wind into their firsts, and delivered a single combined attack on him. From the damage he had taken earlier, the energy used, and the fact it was two opponents that delivered that final attack, that was pretty much it. It seemed to shatter, and dissipate into black gas and miasma.

Jaune and Shinku both deactivated their Heavy Modes, and their physical bodies that were still clad in Level 3 dropped to the ground.

"By the did you learn about this guy? I only just sensed him when I was near, but it looked like you intentionally ran into it?"

"Oh, some children went missing in the area and I felt uneasy. Apparently a few of them were bullies, so I got concerned they found a random old Armor Spirit and got possessed. They all disappeared in the area of that hallway".

The moment Jaune spoke those words, Shinku went on edge again and summoned fire into his hands. Jaune, realizing something was wrong, also went alert.

"What is it Shinku? New kid obersvations can be very helpful to those of us who are so used to things we miss oddities".

"You just said this was a possession...and that multiple kids went missing. But, look around. Not only is there no other kids around, the defeated Ogre dissipated but there was no kid inside".

"In other words..."

Suddenly, a powerful dark miasma formed around them, and from the Goblis began to appear.

"...this isn't over. It just began".


"Hmmm....those jerks! They must be friends with those bullies for sure! Well, you guys hear me?! They wont be able to help you! I wont let you escape punishment for everything you did to me, for everything you have done to everyone!"

The boy that had been bullied shouted that at the bullies he had abducted. The three of them were currently behind held by their necks in the air, in what looked like a painful manner, by black tendrils, but without them being suffocated and killed...yet.

Of course, there were others as well. Any child the kid saw from this place, being able to see out of every shadowy corner of this complex, with a bracelet made long ago in England locked around his wrist...the object that an old and forgotten about Armor Spirit was sealed inside and forgotten about named Vengeance Darth.

As England did not have as much Spiritualism, many of the Armor Spirits there tended to be named after historic or mythological Knights, Witches, and other notable folk tale characters. However, Vengeance Darth was one created from the darkness of emotions, during one of their darker and more miserable times, of emotions that desired others to suffer and for people to get their vengeance and justice. However, left idle for so long, it went a bit mad and now had more darkness and the desire to just hurt. It was possessing this boy for sure, but also because this boy had pent up feelings he synergized with.

"Hey, seems like others might be coming also, people who dont understand and want to stop us from getting what we about we force a few more Spirits through, create even more Goblis to stop them?"

"Do it! They have not suffered enough for what they did to all of us! All the harassment, online and offline, stealing my homework, trashing my bike, locking me outside...they need to suffer!"

Well, Darth was amplifying his desires a bit, but these bullies seemed like absolute scum already on their own.

"Alright then...if they want to come, then lets make some toys for them to play with".