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Max woke up to the sounds of a snake hissing at a TV. The people on the TV where speaking in Japanese a language Max knew just enough in to greet someone and a few other things. But the Images told the story quite well.
Max had heard of the murders and had wanted to cancel her trip to Japan. But the museum she worked for back in England had insisted on her coming here to help set up a deal with a Japanese museum. Trading Egyptian artifacts for Japanese ones or some such thing. Max as the head of the Ancient Egypt exhibit was chosen to oversee this.

"You will do fine Max." Nefertari's voice assured her. "And I know we can defeat anything that tries to harm us."

"I wish I had your confidence..." Max said as she pulled herself from the hotel bed.

Rubbing sleep from her eyes Max made her way to the bathroom. She set herself to the task of getting ready showering and all the rest that goes into getting one ready to venture into the world. Having hours to kill before her meeting with the reps of the Japanese museum she dressed casual and prepared for a bit of tourism before. So dressed in a simple t-shirt, jeans, a hoodie and her favorite "lucky" boots she headed out into town. She made sure to tuck her black snake ankh amulet under her shirt so it wouldn't be seen.

Max took in the sights and sounds of the city mixing in with the crowds of natives and tourist as much as she could. She soon found herself at a shopping center of some kind she decided to head on in.

"What ya gonna buy me?" whispered Nefertari in Max's head.

"I think I'm going to try real Japanese ramen." Max thought back.

"Like that stuff you ate all the time in college?"

Max laughed in her mind "I hear the real thing is much better.."

Max made her way to the food court it was time to sample the local cuisine...