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located in Earth, Armor Spirits Version, a part of Armor Spirits, one of the many universes on RPG.

Earth, Armor Spirits Version



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[Darth responses provided by LookingAtPerks]

"I knew I smelled a familiar stench," Editus's voice could be heard echoing, not too far from where they all were. He wasn't in a hurry, but he wasn't one for patience either, having only recently awakened from his prison himself, he had no intent to take anything slow. "I see you've taken to menacing little boys now, tsk, not that you ever had standards to begin with."

"Hmf. It was he who wanted strength, and the desire to get revenge. Is there anything wrong with helping someone deliver justice and vengeance towards those that deserve it? I not interfere," Darth responds. Followed by this was the creation of several Goblis, confronting Rayn.

"Huh, you've learned something new, something... annoying," Rayn comments, his voice becoming like a low growl. Drawing back his left arm, feathers flow out from his wings and begin to meld together forming his lance, Spite. As a Gobli lunges at Rayn swinging at him with its club, he sidestepped it and spun around impaling it in the back, it's body dissolving outwards, leaving only bits of metal to clank against the ground before dissolving away into Spirit Energy, before dissipating entirely.

Another one swings at him with a sword from behind him. Without looking he spins around his lance and stabs it into the ground behind him, blocking the attack. He then glared back at the creature, his other hand contorting into a bestial claw before using it to slash through the Gobli's body, leaving blue burning cuts, causing it to fall to its knees. Rayn scoffs and begins to walk past the creature, dragging the lance along, before mercilessly mercilessly swinging the lance around and splattering its head with the lance, immediately dissolving it away. Rayn grunts and nearly stumbles after the swing, but catches his footing with a loud stomp, and places the lance up over his shoulder. He turned around and began to cockily walk towards the kid and Darth, blue sprites forming around him making unnatural sounding hollow chirps.

"Helping, huh... funny, did you ever mention to the boy here about the other ones you, hm, 'helped?' I'm sure it'd make a most enthralling tale," he said, barely covering up the mockery with his tone. He then places his free hand over his chest and took in a sharp breath through his nose. "Personally, I enjoy the part about their fates. Coincidentally, boy... you uh, you like the idea of living, right?"

"Well you see, he cant hear you right now. He is currently having too much fun and reveling in glory over his revenge. Seriously, pitiful humans...these days they seem to teach revenge is wrong? What kind of stupid joke is that? Ah, but maybe if what you utter isn't nonsense, I might pass it along..."

Even more Goblis spawn from the spiritual energy, along with black tendrils that now attack. Rayn stopped and stared on blankly at Darth, his brow furrowed as he grew annoyed.

"I don't think these wretched beings ever truly needed your help in that department, man's idea of... justice is more twisted than yours could ever be, but I suppose you can't hear the little whispers in the wind as I can," Rayn said as the various creatures approached him. "In fact, Darth, I think... you are, how they say these days? Obsolete? But don't worry, I'll make your sendoff from this coil truly... exquisite."

With that, Rayn held out his free hand, palm up, as blue ghostly energy gathered above it, gelatinous-like in its seeming weight, yet glowing and ablaze like fire. He winced briefly as he formed more in the environment. As the Goblis attacked him, he shot out all of them at each, aiming for their throats, as he used Spite to swing at the tendrils to hold them off.

"Perhaps when the others come here, they will witness the effigy to your existence. To the child, hear me or not, I don't care, but turn back, go to your room and play with your toys, forget this world, else you will surely die young."