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Ethan needed to be far away from here. If there was anytime that he could use a super power this would be it. He wanted to disappear. He wanted to fly away. He wanted to run super fast in the opposite direction of the studio. It was too much. This feeling was overwhelming. Although Kairo's presence was helping, it wasn't calming his nerves as much as it should. Clark was expecting his therapist to do the professional thing. Call him a cab and making sure he got home safely so he could deal with the anxiety. Kai let go his face and the overwhelming feeling of being watched slowly crept back up, but he continued to hold eye contact. All he could think about how easy it was to get lost in them. "Let's go." Clark raised an eyebrow at Kai. Where would they be headed? He is just going to send you home so that he can be with his wife. His thoughts never ceased to make him feel small.

He wanted to ask where they were headed and even insist that he could make it there are in his own. But Kai must have seen that coming, because all he respond with was "Just trust me." In any other situation, Ethan would have said no. And he would have figured found some inner strength to runaway from him like he does from everyone. But this was different. Ethan wanted to go with Kai. Just being around him was making him feel better and he wanted to have that feeling. Clark needed that feeling. With a small nod, he slowly managed to push himself off the ground. He felt a bit light headed as he was on his own two feet, leaning against the wall for some support. "I-I-I t-trust you.." He stated, just in case that wasn't clear before.