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「 Kairo Choi ✧ 26 ✧ Location: Dance Studio ✧ Hex: #400E15 」
"You don't need someone to complete you, you only need someone to accept you."

A part of Kai thought maybe Ethan would push him away, ask him to leave or just leave him alone. And honestly, he wouldn’t blame him if he did, after all it had been Kairo’s fiancé that caused all this mess, and in some way it had been Kairo’s fault too for letting her get away with him. The therapist watched Ethan for a moment, trying to guess what he would do. After a beat of silence, the boy stood up. Kai immediately followed suit. His thought that Ethan was agreeing to go with him was confirmed when the boy spoke, placing his trust in Kai. The therapist smiled softly, the fact that Ethan trusted him now to this degree brought an odd feeling to his stomach. A good odd feeling, but still odd.

Deciding not to waste anymore time, Kairo took hold on Ethan’s hand, giving him a soft nod before guiding him along. They quickly crossed the street, Kai looking back every chance he could to make sure Ethan was doing okay. He kept a firm hold of his hand as some form of reassurance. Finally, they made it to Kali’s car. The man unlocked the doors, opening the passenger seat for Ethan to get in before walking to the other side and sliding into the driver’s seat. Once the doors were closed and the outside noise had been silenced, Kai looked over at Ethan, every bit of concern still on his face. He wanted to apologize, to tell Ethan that it was okay and that he would never let something like that happen again, but this wasn’t the time nor the place.

After placing a comforting hand on Ethan’s, Kairo started his car and immediately drove out of the school’s parking lot. He thought about taking Ethan to his apartment, but there was a chance that Lucy would find them there. He also thought of taking him to his own home but that would make it hard for Kai to look after him as he wouldn’t know how to move around. The only place left was his little studio apartment. It was set on the outskirts of the city. Very quiet and calm. A place Kairo used when he needed to rest or a getaway from everything and everyone. A place not even Lucy nor his parents knew existed, almost like a safe haven. That’s exactly what Ethan needed right now.