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located in Earth, Armor Spirits Version, a part of Armor Spirits, one of the many universes on RPG.

Earth, Armor Spirits Version



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Character Portrait: Shinku Rouge Character Portrait: Nazku Nilus Character Portrait: Jaune Al'asfar Character Portrait: Editus Rayn Character Portrait: Maxine "Max" Crown Character Portrait: El Moreau
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  1. PS: For those who think Darth isnt being affected by no, he is just acting tough. And being an asshole. Just to clarify.

    2018-09-14 02:06:21 by LookingAtPerks
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In terms of progress, Darth was rather surprised to see them all doing...rather well. The conflict on the outside was being managed, as well as that on the inside. Someone troublesome seemed to be around as well, but she was surprisingly well hidden...perhaps, was this land designated as her domain? So there was a Sentinel in this area? That meant there had to be a sanctuary...

No matter, it was not like they could bother him either. In the first place, this was his own realm, and it was under his control, in his domain. There was no way he would allow himself to be defeated, let alone severed from his bonded partner. However, as Rayn began to say some things, Darth decided to reveal the truth he had kept hidden...not knowing Midorimaru had already figured it out actually.

Suddenly, the setting around Rayn seemed to dissipate, and illusions of Darth, the boy, and the others appeared and disappeared in front of his eyes.

"Please. You have not even gotten close to reaching me yet. Do you think your words can reach one who is not even present? Do you think I would make it so easy for one to enter and reach me?"

As Midorimaru had figured out previously, and told El, Darth had created a Spirit Zone with multiple layers. The first layer was the one people entered first, while the center layer was where he existed. That said, he had only recently been released, so it was not like he had made it complex...other Armor Spirits could create something far more complicated, but this suited him well enough.

He could just keep massing opponents in the first layer, the shell, while he stays safe in the core. Of course, to keep his energy up, he was sucking up the Spirit Energy of the bullies, as well as a few other bully like people they had captured.

"He cannot hear you, he cannot even recognize you as anyone other then one who stands up to bullies. Besides, what are you doing right now? Your power is so have chosen to possess a human then have a harmonious bond? At least I have not truly suppressed his free will, unlike yourself. What happened to your ideals? Were you always such a hypocrite?"

Provoking him would also suit Darth. After all, if this kept as a test of endurance, he would win. Yes, and so he looked at the others...

"What...the hell?"

It appeared that two more people had appeared in his dimension at some point, during his chat with Rayn, destroying the creatures he spawned. That was bothersome, but he would handle it soon enough.

The issue was...the insolence of the other two. While still in their level 3s, they had their shoes off and were sitting on a blanket with their spirits, eating lunch...they were having a picnic.

"So wait, you made your magic to cook these?"

"Yeah...what do you think?"

"I am amazed you didn't destroy your kitchen, to be honest".

"Hey, flames can do more then just destroy. Fire can also create. Ah, you got some crumbs on your mouth".

Shinku helped at Jaune by wiping them off while they continued to eat, and this sort of carefree attitude was really ticking him off. Also, he was getting a tad bit jealous at their good looks for some reason...that being that he, who never had a human form, would get jealous of anyone who looked amazing.

Incidentally, part of that was just a side effect of being Bonded to an Armor Spirit. It improved various physical qualities.

"...the fuck are they doing...eating? Acting carefree and friendly? Seriously?!"

Practically erupting with rage and annoyance, he decided to attack them directly. Countless tentacles erupted right from under the blanket to destroy it...when it all disappeared, as if it was an illusion.

No, it was an illusion. In the first place, neither of them brought a picnic blanket with them.

And then, a large piece of metal was slammed into one of his tentacles and pinned it down, which was followed by the feeling of two people running on the tentacles. Not only that, but the two attacked the actual Spirit Zone boundary itself in the process, making the inner layer where he had been sitting accessible to all of the others as well.

In retrospect, Darth was having quite a few fumbles right now...but, he decided to let it go for now. After all, he was still confident in his victory...

He would just have to create something massive, something that even if they all joined forces, they could not defeat...

(Sorry if the end seems a bit...not as great as the start, wanted to get this done before I did some RL stuff I have to deal with)