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”Somewhere safe.” Ethan was torn at the moment. Part of him was more anxious being in the car with therapist headed in this unknown direction. Every horror movie he had ever watched flashed before his eyes. This is how people ended up killed. They were with a stranger headed to some strange place where no one could find them. If this were any other situation, Ethan would have forced Kairo to pull over and he would have walked home. But it was Kairo. That was why the other part of him was glad to be alone with this man. He radiated safety and comfort, both of which Ethan needed at this exact moment. So he just nodded and looked ahead. He shut his eyes tight and just listened to the songs that played on the radio for the remainder of the ride.

After several minutes, the car came to a stop. Ethan opened his eyes and glanced around through the windows. They were in a parking lot connected to an apartment complex. He has never been on this side of town before so we wasn't exactly sure where they were. Is that his apartment? Does he share it with his fiancé? DOES SHE KNOW THEY ARE HERE? His worry must have been on his face because Kairo took a seocnd to explain the location. ”I come here whenever I need a break from everything…nobody knows it exists, not even my parents or my fiancé…” Kairo's secret hideout. It was nice that he had a place where he could escape to, but then again why is he escaping from the people that are supposed to be supporting him. I have no room to talk..." Ethan is always escaping and hiding. It's the only thing he can do and control. There is comfort knowing that when he locks his front door, he is away from the crazy world.

Clark tracked Kai as he walked around the car and opened up the door. Home? No. No. Not home. Going home wasn't safe. It wouldn't fix anything. Not in a way that Marissa would approve of. "N-no. I-I need to stay with y-you." Supervision was mandatory during states like this. The scars on his upper arms were still healing after the last time he was like this. Slowly he made his way out of the car, arms wrapped around himself. "Lead the way.."