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located in Earth, Armor Spirits Version, a part of Armor Spirits, one of the many universes on RPG.

Earth, Armor Spirits Version



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[Another collab post, all Darth parts by LookingAtPerks.]

Rayn's expression blanked and he tilted his head, before he swung his good arm up and clasped his hand over his face and stood there quietly for a moment. His body began to shake, at first it seemed like he was trembling, but then an audible sound came from him. He had begun to chuckle, and his chuckling became a laugh.

"Wow... haha... you really don't get it, do you?" Rayn said, peeking through his fingers.

"Hmm. Compared to you, who chases shadows and cant accept change?" Darth responded.

"Heh, won't deny the former, but the latter, well, more a you thing, isn't it Darthy-boy? A literal... unchanging relic of a time long gone... obsolete in a world far crueler than anything he could even imagine." Rayn retorted, twirling his fingers. "But no, I digress, I've never claimed to be a hero, or saint, or anything of that matter... and this whole thing between us? Not about justice. I simply just... don't like you... you are a parasite, a worm, a bug, something to be stomped underfoot and forgotten. Every era requires a monster to defeat, and remind people of their virtues... but you, you are not even that, you are just... nothing but a shadow of a long outdated sentiment."

"You seem to forget, about the fact that unlike you, there are people greateful for my existence! All you do is cause trouble, fight people, punch them in the face, and occasionally just blow up entire cities! I have provided far more to this world than you, I let people settle their grudges and give what is coming!" And then, he would attempt a direct attack using a tentacle against Rayn out of annoyance while safely in the inner layer.

Rayn in turn just stood there, glaring at it coming between his fingers. He then sighed, lowering his head, closing his eyes, and let his arm down like he was reaching for his pocket. The blue fire sprites gathered around his arm as the tentacle got close, and he swung at it, splitting it open. It wasn't just that, however, a portion of the air itself seemed to... catch ablaze with ghostly blue flame, as a seemingly invisible barrier begins to burn open.

"Oops," Rayn uttered sarcastically.

Darth seemed to panic a little at this sudden event. It seemed that Darth did not expect Rayn to actually start tearing though the barrier to his real location. As expected, he was more of a manipulation type of person then one with pure power. Otherwise, the need to use so many pawns wouldn't quite make sense.

"You think you can beat me, in your weakened, shriveled state?! YOu can try and reach me, but all you will do is make your own tomb...ahk?!"

From that sound, it seemed as if someone had done something rather painful to, wasn't he already in pain?

The truth was, Darth did not have a high pain tolerance.

"You do realize that once they realize what you are, they will kill you next right?"

"And?" Rayn uttered, stepping through the hole as blue embers float around him. "Unlike you, I've fully come to terms with this... in fact, I look forward to the day a righteous soul emerges from the ash to strike me down. It is what I deserve."

"Then why dont you go die in a hole somewhere instead of bothering me? I only grant the desires of those I bond with. I simply give the power to act on their desires," Darth responded.

"Spare me the shit," Rayn responded, smirking. "You don't care about the kid or his suffering, you just feed off the kid and his victims. Hell, you say bond, but what is it really? Something forged on half-truths and outright lies. This isn't even a complete bond, the only point you link on is the desire to lash out. For the rest? You're just a puppeteer. Why else would you have to use all the smoke and mirrors, you... can barely even reach level 1 on this."

"You think that this is only Level 1, do you?" Darth said with a smirk, as countless spears appeared out of the tendrils and immediately charged at Rayn. "I wont claim to have as much raw power, but my ability to manipulate is top notch. And dont you dare ever trample on my beliefs, you muscle brained moron! Perhaps, do you want to hear the truth of his heart?"

And then, the voice of a child could be heard all over, reverberating across the dimensions.

"I am so tired of this! I dont want to be picked on anymore! I want strength! I want vengeance! I want them to suffer and wither like they made me suffer! I want them to leave me alone, to see me as better, not worse!"

Darth just smiled at Rayn.

"This is what the boy wants. Did you know? These people have been terrible to him. I admit, this far surpasses normal bullying...even if they only made him think he was burried alive, it was still terrible for him...he deserves vengeance!"

Darth seemed unusually passionate about seemed as if those were his true emotions, although it was still clear he was corrupting in some way...he shouldn't be able to summon Goblis or ogres.

Rayn shrugged. "So you help the kid by amplifying his negative emotions and turn him into a murderer, bravo," Rayn said, his words dripping with sarcasm. "Doesn't quite explain the minions, now does it? Tell me, if you are so noble, then how come you have such a corrupting touch? And... why are you so afraid to let the boy hear my words if they don't actually matter..? All you really do is help perpetuate a cycle, to continue to direct humans to lash out at one another, blood for blood. Me? I give people a target, something to hate and fear other than each other, and I do it up front, in person. No cowardly smoke and mirrors, no minions, no hiding... just... me."

Unbeknownst to Rayn, he was being shadowed by somebody veiled from the rest of the world.

"Seriously..? How is that even possible? What, you have like the same spirit mom or something?"

"I... dunno? But I'm totally sure of it!"

"He looks totally beat up. I thought you said he was strong."

"He is! Was... was-is..? Bah, he's just weak right now for some reason... and possessing somebody..? Wait, does that make me the stronger sibling now?"

"Shouldn't we like... stop him?"

"Oof... u-um... well... I suppose? I mean, he's still... like, my brother and all."

Rayn looks behind him, thinking he felt something for a moment, only to shrug and move on forward. Odd, it felt almost... familiar.