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The West

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.


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The dragon steepled his fingers and spoke. "Lady Astrid's suggestion is tempting, and I would be willing to provide armaments for that course, but it would require locating Amarel and her captors first. That said it seems your group has come to something of a decision for now." He looked over the assembled exalts and nodded to them. "I again thank you all of agreeing to this plea on short notice. And if there is anything specific you would have in mind for provisions in this quest you need merely inquire it of me and I will see that it is given to you." Fakharu then rose from his seat and brushed himself down. "With that though I must return to my chambers and see to my midday task. If you have need of anything for personal taste you may speak to my chamberlain Burnished Mantis and he will provide for you. If you need information about the local seas then my other servants, Shemaru my librarian, Mirror of Divinity my informant, and Steel Sun down by the docks are all present and knowledgeable of the surrounding region. I ask that outside of these four though you do not speak of the true reason why you are summoned here. There are many that watch my court and and if they were to over hear talk of Amarel's kid nap they might see it as something to exploit and I cannot ignore the possibility that the sirens have left a spy to watch for any rescue being sent. If any ask you then tell them that your reason for being here is discussing the matter of my policy on the immaculate order. And while I would like for you to leave as soon as possible I would suggest waiting until night fall to foil any watching eyes or pursuit."

Artisan nodded at the censors words, glad to hear this talk of stealth had been put to rest. Fakharu mentioned the names and locations of some individuals that may be of use to them before they left to retrieve Amarel. Which reminded him of something that had transpired earlier and a need to react to it appropriately. "Oh, one more thing before you go Lord Fakharu. I um..." He bit his lip, thinking about how to broach the delicate matter. "I have need of a quiet place, one where i will be alone and entirely isolated. Can't have prying eyes or ears for this matter, I'm certain you of all people understand the need for privacy. Is there uh... such a place in your court?" For multiple reasons, the Abyssal hoped the dragon would say yes.

Fakharu quirked a brow at this request but he did answer. "There is a meditation chamber on one of the lower floors. I shall have one of the handmaidens escort you there if you wish."

"It would please me greatly to have some time to center myself. Thank you for your gracious kindness Lord Fakharu"

The censor gave a short nod again and addressed the rest one last time. "And with that I must bid you good morning for now. Feel free to enjoy the rest of your breakfast and make yourselves comfortable until nightfall comes. Until then, you have my permission to explore the spire to your hearts content." And with that the dragon turned a departed through the set of doors, leaving the exalts amongst themselves.