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located in New York City, a part of Commedia dell'arte, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York City

"Can a city that never sleeps ever be a city of dreams?"


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The cold rain didn't bother Alexis in the least she did live in Oregon after all... What did bug her was the waiting...

As Alexis watched Theresa Wyn walk up with her army of umbrella holders it was hard not to laugh as she got pictures in her head like out of those old movies where the witch would melt if even a drop of water hit her. But though a crooked smirk crossed her face for a moment she stayed silent and businesslike as Miss Wyn made her way though the other hired guns.

Alexis gave another smirk as the attendant placed the umbrella over her. She took the offered handshake returning it with a firm but quick one of her own. She listened to Miss Wyn and when she was done speaking Alexis turned to the attendant.

"You are not needed.." she said coldly to them before turning to Miss Wyn. "I'm sure you have done your homework on me... But I can assure you my cybernetics had the best and most trusted hands i know working on them... My own... as well as the best of the military engineers.. of which i'm sure you know I was one I assure you all my parts both cyber and flesh are at peak performance. So with all due respect Miss Wyn I don't need your sympathy. I'm here cause you have a job you need done...So please Miss Wyn how about we cut to the chase and you tell why I'm here."