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The West

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.


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So, they had…something of a plan it seemed. She’d offered up what bit of input she had that she thought might be useful and kept herself quiet throughout the rest of the discussion—strategies and planning ahead was something that was a little beyond her. Ever since coming into her own, she’d always sort of taken life moment to moment, day to day, planning as she went.... Perhaps that’d left her a bit shortsighted and a little inept when it came to forethought, but that was why she’d not spoken another word after speaking her thoughts on a mixed approach to rescuing Amarel. Better to let those more capable than her speak their minds and formulate a proper plan. Lux would help fill in the gaps as they went, that was what she was best at, after all.

As the talk finished, and Fakharu dismissed himself from their ragtag group’s presence to continue on with his affairs, the lot of them were left to their own devices til nightfall, when they’d head off for the Archipelagos. They were given the names of several individuals with whom they could converse in the meantime, if they saw fit, and were given the option to request impedimenta from Fakharu if they were thought to be of use during Amarel’s rescue.

Lux, however, remained in her seat, verdant eyes set upon the hands now set in her lap as she lapsed into silent thought. She didn’t regret volunteering herself to this, and she would never, but she was feeling...a tad dazed, again, as she had felt in the ship before arriving on the isle and making an utter fool of herself several times over, this time, though the reasons were a tad different. Hearing of Amarel’s situation dredged up melancholy memories. It made her remember. It made her remember that night.

She’d once been in a situation so similar to Amarel’s that ended in tragedy. Certainly, she knew there was nothing she could have done; taking her Second Breath right as Vered took her last seemed to be some kind of fated irony. She’d lacked the capability to save Vered, and to stop her death in that moment, and then the next, she suddenly had it. And, while she wasn’t the one held hostage this time, she had the power to help stop another tragedy from unfurling. That’s what she would do and what she always did, just helping when help was needed.

Something akin to frustration welled up within the little Dragon-Blooded; she raised a hand up, ran it through her hair and sharply sighed as everyone else seemed to be going about their business. She...really wasn’t sure what to do with herself for the rest of the day til they departed the island for the Archipelagos. Before, she was utterly engrossed in the architecture and art within the spire, but now that seemed unappealing. If she simply remained seated at the table for the whole of the day, her mental state would be questioned even further, she was sure.

Bollocks, did she wish she had her chocolate stash—but that was with the handmaidens as they did Creation knows what with her clothes and gear...not to mention they had her Lantern as well. She had none of her things to fiddle with, no sweets to nibble on to soothe her nerves. In truth, Lux was sort of at a loss of what to do with herself—none of the food on the table in front of her really seemed appetizing.... And, she definitely wanted nothing to do with the wine or any of the alcohol....

What was she going to do with herself for the rest of day?