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located in Veritas City., a part of Veritas Isle, one of the many universes on RPG.

Veritas City.

The main city of Veritas Isle


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Ofelia looked down at Roshias belly. "Lir was like that when he heard Jane talking, but she's one of his favorite people so maybe that's a good thing." She said. Avery was outside sitting g by one of the trees when he heard the shuffling of feet. He looked up and saw Meri running straight for the dangerous dragons and then Bo trailing her. He sighed and waited a second but no adult followed them. He got up and ran after them, catching and picking up Bo and then getting to Meri just as Aspen had landed in front of her. He put both down but grabbed her hand and then also Meri's and took them into the house and just looked so done. "Your kids were trying to get eaten." He said and let go of them and then closed all the doors.