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located in Veritas City., a part of Veritas Isle, one of the many universes on RPG.

Veritas City.

The main city of Veritas Isle


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Ofelia giggled. "Well, who knows. You might get stuck with all of them looking like him if his weird genes are more dominant than yours are. Its so weird he looks like that but his parents looked sooo normal. Literally such plain looking people and he pops out looking like an actual demon." She said. "Your little baby demons are the damn cutest though and im gonna die over the new one either way." She sighed. Avery had walked in, seen Roshia and then just noped the hell out of the room. "Well...I dont think well see him again this afternoon." Ofelia said and then looked at Meri. "Yes dear, Aspen is very big isnt he?" She coo'd at Meri. Lir looked at Arrow and then got up and flopped over on her and took his block back. "Jeez those two.." Ofelia said. "Hes already so big Ros what am I going to do? Hes way bigger than hes supposed to be at his age. He used to be so tiny..." She huffed.