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located in Veritas City., a part of Veritas Isle, one of the many universes on RPG.

Veritas City.

The main city of Veritas Isle


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Roshia rolled her eyes, "That darn man and his nice looking genes. I love his paleness. Ugh and his hair is getting so long, Ofelia. Arrow and I are melting. I caught Arrow the other day staring at herself and then cried. I think she is sad she doesn't have long hair." She laughed a bit and watched Avery leave. "I think he hates mothers. I really think any woman who cares for him is going to be shunned so hard. He gonna be hardcore gay... like... not the cute kind like Alois or my brother." She smirked. Meri clapped and went play in her room. Arrow made a sound close to a groan and sighed. Her little hands patted his sides and screamed before giggling. Roshia shook her head, "He is only going to get bigger. The girls are going to be tall... maybe even taller than me... though their dad is a midget." She smirked.