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located in Veritas City., a part of Veritas Isle, one of the many universes on RPG.

Veritas City.

The main city of Veritas Isle


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Ofelia laughed a little bit. "I did see that his hair is getting pretty long again. And id be sad too if I had short hair and wanted really long hair." She said and shook her head. "Well from what ive heard, his mother was the absolute worst. Its going to take a very long time to convince him that not all women are awful like that." She sighed. "Apparently she'd beat him because he wouldnt be a cutesy like Alois would. Which is believable considering that Alois was the one who told me that." She said and then looked at her son and sighed. "Im not going to be surprised if Lir gets even taller than Nas is...And Rowans dad was literally like five foot eight and his mom was like five foot two. I dont know what you were expecting. At least hes a little taller than you. No one expected him to get as tall as he did."