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located in Veritas City., a part of Veritas Isle, one of the many universes on RPG.

Veritas City.

The main city of Veritas Isle


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Roshia looked at the damn kid and blinked, "If that is the case then eating plants would be the same thing. They are living organisms. You think that cat monster thing was going to stop and think, 'Oh hey these are living beings. I won't kill them'? No... that cat would have torn your throat out and ate a piece of you before leaving you to the birds and maggots. If we don't kill then the islands will get overpopulated and their food will run short. They can't just leave the islands, you know. Hunters have strict guidelines you know? We don't kill past a certain date and we never kill more than we need to survive. I mostly hunt with my father, though he kind of gave it up to be with my little brother and mother and he tends to the farm more, but I know exactly the amount of meat I need to feed my family and the rest of the islands, though some of that meat comes from hunters down below too. If you just want to eat poor plants that can't defend themselves and think you are morally better, go ahead, but you aren't. You are just trying to justify one killing over another. You are better than that, Avery." She said and shrugged. "I am going to take your little question as a no to my own question." She said.