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Snippet #2765539

located in Earth, Armor Spirits Version, a part of Armor Spirits, one of the many universes on RPG.

Earth, Armor Spirits Version



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Character Portrait: Shinku Rouge Character Portrait: Nazku Nilus Character Portrait: Jaune Al'asfar Character Portrait: Editus Rayn Character Portrait: Maxine "Max" Crown Character Portrait: El Moreau
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Rayn stopped, glancing around, two other kids had entered the field as the veil broke down. He slouched over, looking at the two, then back at Darth. It was an annoying predicament, while it did look bad for him, did it really look that much better for Darth? This had become... a big joke. Rayn slapped his hand over his face and began to chuckle bitterly... or was it really Rayn..? He was right, it had begun to erode at him.

"What is there to deny? Honestly, you think I'd sweat? Panic? I am a monster, and as one I've known the darkest parts of humanity since I was conceived. Born of hate, born to be hated, thus is my fate. I'll take my judgement when it comes," he says, tiredly slouching over, black feathers dropping off of him. He then looked over at Shinku and Juane, pointing out at Darth. "This armor spirit here? It thrives on the act of revenge, ranging from severe to petty. He revels in pointless feuds, feeds off the victims, and indulges the darkest aspects of his... partner's psyches, all as part of some weird idea of justice. I mean..."

Rayn turned back to Darth, tilting his head to the side.

"Why don't we speak of the children being held by Darthy... since he's so proud of himself right now, tell me, as cruel as they were, how does that justify draining them to husks as you slowly torture them? Children can be cruel, but please, tell me how this fixes anything? Honestly, as much of a bastard as I am, torturing and killing children... and reveling in it..? well, haha... it's... pretty messed up." Rayn chuckled bitterly again, then sighed, going limp again. "This may be what the kid wishes for... now anyways, but he doesn't yet understand the consequences of his actions... I'll take whatever price I am to pay... just..."

Suddenly there was a loud snap sound as a spotlight out of seeming nowhere gleams down upon Rayn, causing him to shield his eyes.

"Golly, you sure got chatty! Both are technically telling the truth, or at least, to an extent of what they believe to be the truth!" a young cheery female voice yelled out, echoing as if through a speaker system. Then the spotlight disappears, and another snap as it now centers in on another figure. This one was strawberry blond haired, pink eyed, pinkish nosed girl with freckles, with a long ponytail. She was only dressed rather casually in a rather oversized, long-sleeved white hoodie, with a large pink bow on the back of her head that somewhat resembled large rabbit-ears. Atop her head was a rather out-of-place black tophat. Cheerfully the grinned and waved at Shinku and Jaune, she radiated some kind of feeling of... positivity. "Hiiiii~! Such a lovely audience out there! Hey, wanna see me pull a rabbit out of my hat!?"

"What... what are you doing?! D-did the sugar go to your brain!?" a voice yells out from a corner of the area. Luci reacts by slouching over and sighing loudly. Over there was a woman dressed in a strange black rabbit-themed jumpsuit and rabbit-skull mask.

"Saaaaaaiiiiiph... I got boooored! Remaining unseen all the time is boooooring!" Luci whined. "And keeping up a veil all the time is exhaustiiiiing! And there's so many people here, its time to make friends!"

"Yeah... uh-huh... sure, Lu, just tell me when we get to the fighting part," the other woman says, now engrossed in playing some kind of handheld game.

"Ugh, seriously?!" Luci yells, raising her arms into the air.

Rayn raises a brow, opens his mouth to speak then just slaps his hand over his face and sighs. "So you... have a bond now."

"I knoooow! Weird, huh?" Luci responds, leaning forward and grinning widely at Rayn. She then leans back, looking a bit concerned as she twists her mouth. She then looked at Shinku and Jaune. " Um... hi? Look, my brother may be a bad guy, but he really was trying to talk the kid out of vengeance, not trying to kill him! I mean, really look at the situation here! Look at my brother! He's been beat up, by the ogres Darth summoned! That shouldn't even be possible... unless..."