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The West

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.


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"Whelp" Said Ashen Sky as he stood from his chair. "If we're goin' tah be 'ere fer tha day ah might as well get ah look o' tha place." With the censor now gone Ashen once again slipped back into his native accent. "If any ya be needin' me a'll be out in about lookin' fer sea charts." He gave a wink at the group and waved as he walked out. As soon as he closed the door behind him though, he let out a nervous sigh he had been holding in. While he was telling the truth about wanting to see the sea charts, his sudden exodus from the group was more to put a little distance between him an Calliope for a while. He could feel that things were going to be a little awkward between them after that little show during breakfast, and he didn't have an explanation yet for his little faux pass earlier. Not wanting to deal with the situation right now, he had decided to beat a hasty retreat for the time being.

He then remembered Fakharu saying something about one of his servants specializing in information, and a thought crossed his mind. If being the dragon's 'informant' meant what he thought it did it might serve him to pay this Mirror of Divinity a visit for... personal reasons.

Making his way down the spire Ashen Sky passed a few other occupants within. Most were more of the mortal servants of the dragon, all young men and women similar dress, manners and appearance as the handmaidens that had greeted them at the docks. Occasionally he'd also pass by a elemental or lesser godling as well. He wasn't sure which was more unusual to him, the fact that all the censors mortal servants didn't look a day over twenty or that Ashen Sky was becoming oddly used to passing by immortals so casually. In wavecrest the gods tended to manifest physically more often than most, but those were uncommon occurrences that happened during festivals or when tribute was demanded to them. Since he had exalted though, he'd bumped into more than one god or elemental spirit and had more casual conversation than he'd expect of beings he'd normally be bowing to in prayer.

He put his musings aside though for the time being, and after asking a few directions he made his way towards Mirror of Divinities letter room. When he entered he found what looked to be a young girl, perhaps no older than ten years old by her appearance and Ashen Sky would have assumed her to be a mere peasant girl were it not for the fact that her entire body was made of water. When she spoke though, she did so with the voice of a fully grown woman. "What is it! Who are you and what do you want?" The lunar nearly jumped at the sharpness of her tone. "Oh, sorry ta barge in on ya miss. I be Ashen Sky, one of exalted Fakharu invited to tha tower."

She hummed and put down the scroll she had been going over and gave him a once over. "I know of you. Lunar exalted of the changing moons caste. Exalted two years ago. Student of the No Moon Jentzsch. Before that you spent most of your time wandering from place to place across creation. And before that you were operating as a privateer out of Wavecrest... under sponsorship by the obsidian blades as I understand?" Ashen Sky clenched his jaw at that and shut the door behind him. "Ay, I was. I figured ye'd know somethin' of it. In fact if ay be getting a chance later ay was hopin' ye might be willin' to help me send a letter thar way. Later, of course." She raised an eyebrow but didn't comment.

"For the time bein', I were told tha you could show me some sea charts for our travel route." The small water elemental nodded and from her desk she pulled out a series of maps. "Take these." She said plainly "There are more in the library, as well as detailed records of the spirit courts out there, documented wyld phenomena, and known sea beast. I would suggest you study it before you leave for the trip." He nodded and muttered his thanks as he left. It was going to be a few hours reading, then maybe he could get a nap in before dusk.