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located in Sol: Deep Space, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sol: Deep Space

This is the wide swathe of space just outside of the Sol System. There is a spaceship here.


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Character Portrait: Detective Dee Character Portrait: Shimizu Takayama Character Portrait: Imperial Taiyou Navy Character Portrait: C.O.R.e Character Portrait: Kazundo Gōda Character Portrait: Mitth'raw'nuruodo
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Thrawn smiled gently at Shimizu's description of the size of the Soja, and nodded his head. As he turned his head towards the screen as well, those Glowing Red eyes blinked slowly, and Thrawn listened. He couldn't understand the Taiyou's language, but made a mental note to study it.

"Of course not, Ten'nō-heika. If I had orchestrated this attack, the Soja would be taking a catastrophic amount of damage by now." he answered calmly. Chiss did not make idle threats, and Thrawn was no exception - he was telling the utmost truth. Continuing to stand with his hands behind his back, Thrawn observed the view screen calmly, observing the effect of merely being that close to the Soja. While he watched, her brought his hands in front of himself. One resting on his chin, the arm supported by the other under it.

Just what was that C.O.R.e ship thinking?