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The West

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.


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Part 2 of the monster collab between Sepokku, Wake and me!

Nagasani blinked several times. This was turning into... an odd series of events. She took a momoment to wipe the damp hair out of her eyes. She hadn't been expecting the Lunar to get this clingy, or for Hotton and Lakshmi to bring Lady Lux with them. That said she now found herself with a slight situation on her hands again, and this time she wasn't trusting the look in Astrid's eyes. Taking a glance over at the squeaking and back peddling Lux, a thought ran through her head and she latched on to it like a frog snatching a fly. "Oh, Lady Lux! I wasn't expecting to see you again so soon. It's perfectly fine, in fact why don't you come join us." It was good that Lux had closed her eyes at this point, because in that same breath pointed quickly at the other two girls on either side of the terrestrial and mouthed the words. 'Grab her'. Not knowing what was going on, Lakshmī and Hotton nevertheless knew their leader was hatching a plan and complied immediately by clamping a hand each on Lux's shoulders.

Nagasani's outburst redirected Astrid's attention, as it were she was so distracted she had barely registered the door opening, let alone anyone coming into her chambers. Upon seeing Lux, Astrid's forgot about her determination to keep Nagasani prisoner in the bath. Standing up, completely forgetting herself and the situation she was in, Astrid smiled and greeted the small Terrestrial. "Mizz Dragon-Blood! Fancy meeting you here, how havve ya been!? These loverly young ladies have been seeing to ma bath!"

Lux’s eyes popped open upon hearing Nāgasāni’s ‘offer.’ And before she even had a chance to vehemently reject it, Lux was silenced by shock when she felt hands clamp down on both of her shoulders, bewildered and stunned, she looked between Hotton and Lakshmī who both merely gave her an innocuous smile, but said nothing. And again, before Lux had a chance to vocalize her thoughts, Astrid seemed to realize she was in the room...and shamelessly stood up, greeting her a much unwanted view as she slurred her greeting.

Another sharp yelp came from Lux as she hunched over a bit and once more clamped her eyes shut in response to Astrid’s state, flushing now all the way to the tips of her ears by now. “I-see that, Miss A-Astrid,” she sputtered out, embarrassed beyond all reason. “Lady Nāgasāni, I-I am not in need of a bath—nor do I de-desire joining in, i-if you’ll just...I’ll” her voice quieted, she couldn't even finish speaking as the grip she had on her Lantern tightened, to the point that it was digging into the skin of her chest.

....this was going to go just as the makeover did before, she just knew it. Oh, Creation, was she ever going to get a break today...?

A tiny, squirrel-like squeak came from her throat as she dreaded what she knew to be inevitable.

"Oh, I simply must insist Lady Lux. We deeply regretted not being able to give you the 'full' treatment and getting you properly cleaned after your long voyage. Besides, I assume you still want out of that Corset?" Nagasani was making good use of the distraction Lux's arrival had made and was now slowly extracting herself from the tub, squeezing her dress to wring the water out. She gave a slight cough and turned back to the Lunar she had just escaped from. "You wouldn't mind would you, Lady Astrid? You did say you felt the bath was awfully big for one person after all." Even without waiting for a response Hotton and Lakshmī we're gently shoving Lux forward. Slowly Lakshmi's other hand went to the large green ribbon that held the back of Lux's bodice closed.

Hearing Lux's protests caused Astrid to fall backwards into the bath, more water leaving the tub, at this point causing it to be lower than it should have been. "I eerr... The baath seemss to be running a beet low... Add, er, ah... Could ya fetch some more waater for the baath?" A less than pleased look was given to Lux, who seemed to find Astrid untasteful, and was fervently trying to find a way to escape her presence. Then she remembered about the request she'd made only a bit ago, "Ah, Mizz Nagasanee... about that drink..."

Nagasani hummed and nodded. "Of course Lady Astrid, I will begin refiling it immediately. As for the drink I am sure Peryia will return with another bottle soon." As she spoke she went to collect a large pan. With a tap of her finger against the rim it started filling with hot water. At the side Vengalu took hold of one of Astrids hands and continued with the manicure.

Lux didn’t respond to Nāgasāni's comment about her corset, in fact, she didn’t respond to anything. The only thing she was focused on was trying to get away...which was proving otherwise impossible since both Hotton and Lakshmī were lightly pushing forward and toward the bath. The Dragon-Blooded whimpered, and kept her eyes shut as tightly as possible, trying in vain to dig the heels of her shoes into the marble-flooring to slow the inescapable...and failing since it was slick with what Lux presumed to be bathwater splashed by Astrid in her intoxicated state. With how...clingy the Lunar had been with Nāgasāni, Lux dreaded what was coming, and with how she was being ‘guided’ to the tub, the thought never crossed her mind that Lakshmī and Hotton would do what they did....

With absolutely no warning, the bodice that held Lux’s dress to her so tightly was loosened from the back as Hotton successfully pried the Lantern out of Lux’s ironclad grasp, and the article of clothing was pulled overtop her head, leaving the Terrestrial utterly dumbfounded and in a rather...sensitive state of undress. As soon as the whole scenario registered, Lux squealed, and threw her arms over herself as best she could, not even noticing that Lakshmī and Hotton had removed their hands from her shoulders.

All four handmaidens in the room knew well enough that it was no longer necessary to restrain Lux. Given her current state of mind, she likely wouldn’t even consider trying to flee.

The moonsilver and jade Maidens made eye contact with eachother, and with a quick a wink they got to work. Hotton's fingers went to the strings of the correst while Lakshmī fiddled with the skirt, loosening them and giving the terrestial a bit more room to breathe. Within moments both fell to the floor in a light pile and were promptly snatched up to keep them from soaking spilt bath water. Lakshmī then began fiddling with the jewelry that adorned the dragon blooded's neck. As she did she whispered softly in her ear. "Oh don't scrunch up so much lady Lux. It was as you said after all, no matter when you spoke with Lady Astrid you were going to be 'all nerves'. Best to get to do this sooner rather than later. And this way you have something to keep your mind off it!"

“Th-this is n-n-not...!” she attempted to protest, but only managed to squeak an incomplete fragment of what she wanted to say.

As what remained of Lux’s clothing was removed, she bent evermore forward, regardless of what was said to her. She whimpered, while she had mentioned it’d be better to speak with Astrid sooner, she hadn’t meant for things to go this! How the Lunar would react to her was the least of her concerns, as Lakshmī had said indeed. But, she couldn’t even form a coherent thought, her mind utterly beyond cognizance at this point. The spontaneous makeover earlier had been mortifying enough, but this, this.... She was being stripped completely bare, and they were going to leave her at the mercy of an intoxicated Astrid!

"This is perfect, a little skinship will help build familiarity." Bellow Hotton was already pulling down the white and gold stockings. It took a little convincing to get the terrestial to lift her feet enough to slide them and the gold plated high heels off. Once she did they were set aside with the other articles. Then both handmaidens put a hand on her back, this time in a comforting manner. They waited a few seconds before they each slipped a finger to both ends of her undergarments. "Ready?" Asked Hotton in a hushed voice. They weren't expecting a response, just giving her a moment to steel herself for the final stage. Then with a flourish they yanked down the last bastion of her decency and slipped it out from under her. Then they both took a step back and bowed. "Once more, may we prouldy present Inheritrix lady Lux Fiala, Burning Sword, Terrestrial exalted of Fire in her unobstructed glory."

Lux shrieked, and immediately dropped down, bringing her knees to her covered diaphragm—her face and ears had never been as red as they were now, and tiny tears prickled at the corners of the Exalted’s eyes. They’d stripped her naked, completely naked!!!

Nagasani gave a flat look and both Hotton and Lakshmi winced slightly. Okay that one might have been a slight bit much. Hotton slid over and put her arms around Lux's shoulders and began shushing softly. In the meanwhile Nagasani had set up the magic pan of water by the tub and perched it on a pedestal where it was now slowly pouring a constant stream of soothing hot water. She had claimed a jug to the side and was now pouring it in along with the hot water, where it's fluid contents of herbs and minerals mixed with the water, along with another does of the relaxants that would likely be needed for Lux's mental state once they finally finished toying with her and got her into the thing. After a minute had passed and Hotton had deemed Lux recovered enough to move, she and Lakshmi gently hoisted the young exalt back upright. Nagasani then recapped the bottle of relaxants, set it down and gave the fire aspect a once over. "Again I must comment your natural beauty Lady Lux. Simply marvelous, it would almost be a shame to hide it away again..." She trailed off intentionally to make herself sound slightly omnious.

At this point she was otherwise mentally dazed with mortification and embarrassment. While she’d been stood up, she moved her hands to a feeble attempt to cover herself as best she could. Nāgasāni’s words barely registered in the Fire Aspect’s head, til the veiled, playful threat she inserted at the end. Overcome as she was, that was enough to rouse Lux’s awareness. With small tears in the corners of her eyes, she looked up at Nāgasāni, frowning from both fear and shame. The handmaidens...they wouldn’t actually leave her exposed, would they? Although, considering what they were doing to her now...

"Oh Don't give me that look." Nagasani then snapped her fingers. "Come on then, get in before we are forced leave you like that for the rest of the day." She made a gesture to Lakshmi who gave a hard slap to the exalts hind quarters to get her moving.

The sharp smack delivered to her backside made Lux jump and stiffen as she squeaked for the umpteenth time that day—there was no hope for her at this point, none at all. It was going to happen, there was no way to delay it further and Lux knew that as much as she wished it weren’t so. She really did not want to get into the bath with Astrid, the Lunar had been so terribly clingy with Nāgasāni before the handmaiden had turned on her and used her as a distraction. Lux assumed now that Nāgasāni had perhaps been dragged into the tub, unwillingly, since she was still fully clothed. At least she’d been fully clothed.... Thanks to the mischievous machinations of the four present handmaidens, she did not have the luxury of still being clothed while being forced into a bath with an intoxicated and apparently rather physical Lunar, no, she was as naked as the day she was birthed.... Despite knowing it was going to happen, Lux couldn’t bring herself to move a single bit, or speak from the trepidation.

When Lux didn't immediately move, and without Nagasani to torment, Astrid went in for the kill. Surprisingly deft for the amount of drink she'd consumed, quickly standing and grabbing Lux, she fell backwards into the bath, Lux in tow.

She knew she was going to be forced into the bath, but she definitely hadn’t expected Astrid to grab her and pull her in. If it had been possible for her face to get any redder, it would have. At this point, that was likely a physical impossibility though. Lux didn’t even have time to scream before her face was squished into Astrid’s bosom and they fell back into the water, completely submerged. Unable to breathe, Lux twisted her head to the side and coughed, water getting to her mouth as she gasped.

"Meann ol' Nagasssanii didn't want to plaay with mee! You'lll keep me companyyy, riight?" A goofy smile grew on the flushed face of the Lunar as she squeezed Lux, perhaps a bit too tightly. "Yeeerr so soft! Like a... like er... umm... like something that's really sofftt!"

While Lux did her best to regain any semblance of coherence, she failed to do so, as Astrid...squeezed her, rather firmly. A sharp whine slipped from Lux’s throat, as she was squished up against her Lunar captor even further, her face again pressed into the intoxicated woman’s bosom. She couldn’t even bring herself to comment on how the woman had said she was apparently ‘soft.’

Releasing Lux, she kicked up her other foot that had yet to be seen to and petitioned the entourage. "If'n ya would pleasse, finish my nails." Speaking of entourage, where was that blasted girl with her drink?

Freed of the Chieftain’s grasp, Lux scrambled away from her, pressing herself against the opposite side of the tub, trying to put as much space between them as possible. Her arms wrapped around her chest, and she exhaled sharply, as Astrid’s attention turned back to the handmaidens—urging them to finish their work on her feet. Lux sunk down into the water til it was just below her nose and ears, face burning. She tried to compose herself. Being forced into the bath as she had been had snapped her back into cognizance and she was able to fully realize what had just occurred, where her face had been. Certainly, Astrid was utterly intoxicated and couldn’t understand how...lascivious that was, how all of this was. ....maybe. Lux couldn’t be sure how Astrid would act when sober, though.

Pulling her knees to herself. Lux tried to make herself seem as small as possible, hoping that maybe she’d be spared anymore attention from Astrid, or from the handmaidens.

Vengalu remained stone faced as more water was splashed about and at this point was probably the only one showing any signs of exasperation. None the less she took the offered foot and returned to work on the Lunars toes. At the same time, as if on cue, Periya returned with another tray holding not just a second bottle of forest kings nector, but also a few other options. She stopped for a moment to comprehend the addition of the terrestrial exalt since she left, but pressed forward as Nagasani waved her over. "Appologies for the delay Lady Astrid, but I decided to gather a few other beverages as well to provide you a few options." She cast an eye to the slowly sinking for of Lux. "I hope you won't have trouble sharing the bottle with Lady Lux will you?"

Periya's return was a welcome sight, especially so since she carried more than a few bottles of drink that Astrid was desperately pining for. "Nnot at alll! The girl could use some er.... uh... loosening up! She's tenser than...." Rather than finishing the sentence, she simply turned back to Periya and gestured for her to come closer, so that she could assess her choices. Deciding upon one named, Blue Ruin, that smelled faintly of berries. Uncorking the bottle with her teeth, she spat the cork onto the ground near the bath and took a long swig. "Mizz Lux! What kinda drink's to yer fancy? Ya strike me as uh... maybe a wine type a gal." Turning back to Nagasani, she asked for her input. "What do ya think Mizzz Nagassanii? Wine type a gal, yeah? What drink do ya prefer? Ya should join us gal!"

When it came to alcohol, Lux had no preference; she didn’t even like the stuff. All of it tasted the same and burned when she swallowed, she derived no enjoyment from it like so many did. So, she didn’t answer Astrid’s inquiry...nor did there seem to be a need since her attention turned back to Nāgasāni.

Looking back and forth between the two, Nagasani weighed her options. Then she sighed and stood up. "Very well, if you insist Lady Astrid. But only if you promise to aid me in 'loosening up' Lady Lux. I can't well scrub her down while she's hiding under the water." And with that she promptly started undoing the buckles of her still soggy gown. Figuring it'd probably be safer with a meat shield companion in to share Astrid's attentions.

As soon as Nāgasāni began to undress, and implored Astrid in helping to get her to ‘loosen up,’ Lux pressed herself up against the back of the tub as far as she could. She tensed up, and clamped her eyes shut—she’d stared at the handmaidens earlier, caught off-guard by their beauty, but she wasn’t about to do that again, especially now...! This situation just kept spiraling and worsening, as far as she was concerned. If it wasn’t bad enough that she’d been forced into a tub with a very naked and drunk Astrid, now Nāgasāni was going to join them as well? Creation had no mercy upon her soul.

Beaming that Nagasani decided to join them, Astrid turned her attention back to Lux, who hadn't answered and still didnt look very comfortable. Finishing the bottle she held by gulping it down in a few seconds, the newly reinvigorated Lunar made her way over to Lux. "Ya look so tensse, lovve. A hott bathh is suppossed ta looosen ya up, not cause ya ta shut dowwnn entirelyy." She pulled the girl up slightly so that her shoulders were out of the water and put an arm around the girl. "What's got ya ssooo blind girllyy? Mizzz Nagsanii is a beaut, no need to shut ya eyes. Whadda ya want ta drinnk? It'ss all great! Try the Fforest nectar... King? Try the Forest drink!"

Looking over to Nagasani, she smiled another goofy grin, before making her claim. "She's all nice and loozened up now! Aren't ya goin' ta join us in are drinks?" With a short burst of giggles to herself, she began to play with Lux's hair, all the while whispering to herself, "Loosey, Loose! Loose, loose, loose! Loooossen uupp. Loozen up!"