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The West

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.


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Part 3 of the monster collab between Wake, Jakuri, and I!

Never in her life had Lux been good a handling these sorts of situations—she always clammed up and tried to make herself as small as possible in hopes that people would just leave her alone. While this whole situation was perfectly platonic and basically a same-sex bath at this point, it was still rather much for her, she had never been comfortable with seeing others nude or others seeing her nude. And Astrid being so physically unrestrained was making this even worse for her! Very seldom in her life had she ever actually experienced...friendly or familial affection, so yes, this whole scenario was terribly overwhelming for her. Being touched by others in any manner was always a little much, and having someone’s arm thrown around her while naked left her otherwise dazed, and unable to process much of anything.

Maybe this was considered perfectly normal for some people, maybe it was something that was everyday for them...but, it wasn’t for her. Should it have been...?

As Astrid continued to play with her hair and chant in her ear, Lux remained quiet, but had finally opened her eyes a smidge, though she kept them cast downward. Her face and ears were still scarlet, and she still held her arms around her chest, but a hint of melancholia seemed to fall over her as she reflected upon herself and wondered if something like this would be normal for her if she’d had a more...ordinary life. Lux moved her legs away from herself a bit, not as rigid as she was before. Yet, she still did not speak—she really wasn’t sure what to say or do.

Having slipped her gown off, the freshly disrobed Head handmaiden lightly stepped into the bath water. "I appreciate the offer but much as I would love to Lady Astrid, I am technically still on duty for the moment. Perhaps later though." Submerging herself up to the chest she took position opposite side of Lux. "Now then, I haven't finished washing your back have I? And I believe you were telling us a bit about your family earlier?"

Laughing boisterously, loud enough that it echoed off the walls and out of the room, Astrid persisted. "I! Wazn't askin' Mizz Nagasanii, you're schtill on dutyy and currently your duty iz ta attend ta me! An' I demannd you pour yerself a drink, before'n I let you scrub mah back!" Nodding at her declaration, she continued, though a bit quieter. "Drinkin' together iz how bonds arre made. So, do yer job and pour a drink down yer throttle." She tried to wink, perhaps making the comment seem a bit more of a suitable idea, but instead she only blinked awkwardly.

Nagasani tilted her head at that. "Is that a custom of your people lady Astrid?" She seemed to think for a moment, shrugged, and then took a drinking cup and bottle from Peryia. Pouring a small shot for herself and held it up for an impromptu toast. "Very well then, to new bonds made?" As she said this Peryia came around with the tray full of drinks and held it in presentation for Lux as well, giving her a reasuring smile as she bade her to take her own pick.

Astrid still had her arm around her shoulders, as Nāgasāni offered up a toast...was this really how people formed bonds with each other? Lux would definitely not know, after all. They wanted her to indulge, but she hated the taste of alcohol. That would never change, however.... For whatever the reason, something in Lux broke as she sat there in quiet with her thoughts as Astrid was loud and energetic and Nāgasāni was as refined and as composed as ever it seemed. She’d been coerced into this, just as she had been with the makeover before. Not a part of her knew if any of this was normal, she felt so very, very out of place amidst it all. The handmaidens earlier had some fun with her, as they made her over entirely, and getting her into the bath was no different...Astrid wanted her to ‘loosen up,’ did...did they all just want her to act ‘normal’?

Was this really normal...? Was this what normal people did...?

Lux shyly looked up at Periya who stood by her side with a tray of varying goblets and glasses of alcohol. The Starmetal-adorned handmaiden just smiled at her, “Anything pique your interest, Lady Lux?”

“U-Uh...I’m not....” she was about to decline the offer, but couldn’t get the words out.

“It’s very much all right, if you do not desire anything, you needn’t force yourself.” Periya spoke gently.

She was...conflicted. It was a truth beyond truth that she didn’t really care for how any alcohol tasted, but, maybe...this once. As Periya began to make a move to leave, “W-wait, please!” the Terrestrial took in a shaky breath, and looked at the tray...and spotted a bottle that was still three-quarters full of a clear kind of liqueur that seemed to have...bits of gold floating in it? If she was doing this, she couldn’t stop at a cup, one sip and she wouldn’t be able to start again. “I, I...the bottle, with the gold flecks in it, could I h-have that...please, Lady Periya?” Lux asked quietly.

The handmaiden blinked, but looked at Nāgasāni who gave her a playful little grin from behind her glass and nodded. With her approval, Periya held the tray out to Lux, “Of course, Lady Lux—the Gold Rhapsody is a fine choice. It’s flavored with cinnamon so it has a nice hint of spice, which suits you quite well.”

“M-my thanks....” Holding in a breath, Lux pulled an arm away from her chest, reach out and delicately took hold of the bottle by its neck and pulled it to her, and she paused, quietly staring at the swirling bits of gold within it.

Seeing first, Nagasani, then Lux agree to the drinks, made Astrid feel all sorts of giddy suddenly. "Yeesshhh! That'z whad I like ta see!" Grabbing her now empty bottle, and raising it in a toast, she repeated the words Nagasani had said a few moments earlier, "Here's ta new bondz made!" Taking a swig of air, Astrid looked at the bottle perplexed before beginning to giggle again. "Oopsh... I need anudder drink! Oh, pretty lady with drinksh! Could'n you come 'ere a second?" There was no telling what further imbibing of alcohol would do to her mood, but at this point there probably was little stopping her. Peryia nervously approached the Lunar, who snatched up the remaining bottle of Forest King's Nectar.

Looking beyond pleased with herself, she turned back to Nagasani, as she fumbled with uncorking the bottle. "Hokay... Less finisshh the baff now! Do ya got a perdy dress'n for me??" Ample slurring did little to hide the obvious excitement in her voice. "Oh! Do ya fink F-F-Fakkaru... Thass not right. Do ya fink the cenzor will gib me perdy dresses for muh daughder when we bring'im his wife?" At that moment, the Lunar was perfectly content with herself and where she was, all homesickness subsumed by a giddy, alcohol induced high. "We're all bezt frieenns now!" The statement was punctuated by a brief pull from her bottle.

Lux paid little heed to Astrid’s drunken rambles, and simply stared down the bottle she held. She was...going to do this then. Taking in a deep breath, she steeled herself, shut her eyes, tipped her head back, pressed the mouth of the bottle to her lips and started taking large, shameless gulps of the liqueur. Creation, was it foul and did it burn as it hit her throat and her stomach, but she pressed onward anyway, occasionally feeling a bit of the gold leaf pass over her tongue. Her eyes watered, and she wanted to choke and cough, but she held the urge back.

"Thadda girl! Drinkin' like thadd 'id make you family in muh tribe!" The quintet concurred with Astrid's statement and gave a small fit of giggles and polite claps in cheer.

After she guzzled about half of the remaining contents in the bottle, Lux pulled it away from her lips with a pop and gasped, sucking in air to try to soothe the burn that persisted in her mouth and throat. She coughed a few times, and set the bottle on the lip of the tub, thoroughly done with it.

....and, oh, there was the cinnamon Periya had mentioned.

Whether it was the bathwater, the overwhelming amount of mortification she’d experienced so far that day or maybe the liqueur was already hitting her, but Lux found herself feeling...a little lightheaded, and dazed, like her thoughts were being dulled. An odd noise came from Lux’s throat as she tried to speak, but couldn’t manage anything coherent. Her limbs slackened, but her position remained much the same, til she rolled her head back, it coming to rest on Astrid’s shoulder without a word.

Suppressing a giggle, Astrid patted the girl's head, looking at her like a mother would a child. "Aww... Poor fings had quite tha day."

"Indeed, we should finish quickly then and give her a chance for deserved rest." Nagasani downed her own shot glass and returned into Peryia. "Girls, if you would please make ready Lady Astrid's and Lady Lux's new attire?" The other four nodded and dispersed, grabbing their assorted equipment and fabrics. As they scurried around the room Nagasani claimed another bar of soap and brush from the side basket and turned to the Lunar. "Lady Astrid, would you mind tending to her front whilst I administer to her back?"

Astrid nodded, a show of understanding, "Poor crature ca-*hicc*-can berly keep 'er head up, ledder'lone warsh 'erself." Taking the implements from Nagasani, Astrid began to lather the girl up with one hand, while holding her steady, and probably upright, with the other. Balancing on one foot, she held the brush carefully with her free foot and used it to scrub Lux down while she soaped up other areas of her skin. "Standin' is harder thaan ushual." Finding it oddly hard to stand steady, she managed to quickly set to work cleaning the Terrestrial. "Luxsh, I cann'tt git ober how sawft ya are! Ish like a tooyy."

Behind the terrestrial Nagasani hummed as she applied her own layer of soap, and performed a more sober attempt at keeping the terrestial standing. "I agree, it's a most enviable quailty of yours Lady Lux. If given the chance I'd like to keep you to play with forever!" The was a sharp cheerfulness in her voice, and it couldn't be certain whether Nagasani meant that as simple joke or not. None the less she was certainly having fun with the whole exercise and was allowing herself to become swept up with it. A thought crossed her mind and she hummed again. "In fact I wonder... are you ticklish Lady Lux?" Immediately After asking this question she started making a few experimental prods of the exalt's sides. They had only known the exalts a short time but there was a certain level of enjoyment that the handmaidens were having with their company, enough that for the moment the quintet forgot the dire circumstances that brought them here in the first place. Whatever the outcome in the coming days, this day's events did much to endear the exalts in the handmaidens hearts.

Lux was utterly in a daze, her thoughts were foggy and nonsensical, enough that her whole form had gone lax and she barely at all registered the fact that she was being scrubbed down both front and back by the other two women in the tub. The unholy combination of the alcohol, the herbal bathwater and her emotional exhaustion had come together to induce something of a tranquilizing effect over the Terrestrial. Perhaps when she regained her senses, she’d end up being embarrassed beyond all comprehension—if she remembered any of this at all, of course. Til then though, Lux couldn’t have better suited the term ‘loosen up.’

....and it took the few experimental prods that Nāgasāni gave to her sides to rouse Lux even minimally from her intoxicated stupor. Before, someone touching her sides would’ve been enough to make her want to crawl in a hole. However, that was before she’d guzzled near half a bottle of strong liqueur.


Now, Lux’s loosened inhibitions only allowed the Dragon-Blooded to twitch away a bit in response to the light touches, before Nāgasāni took this to mean that Lux was indeed touch-sensitive, as she’d surmised. A devilish smile played over the girl’s features, “So it would seem that you are indeed ticklish then. Oh, my....”

Seeing Lux in this state brought forth a frown on the Lunar's features, "She'z not all ther' iz zhe?" Waving a hand in front of the girl's face, and still not getting a response. It seemed Nagasani's prodding of her sides was the only thing that could return her to a state of animation. She remained underwater for a few moments, unable to register what happened. Then she realized, that she was underwater. Standing back up, she returned to her study of the potentially overly-intoxicated girl. "Intrereztin'... Standin' ish haard."

Growing slightly concerned for Lux's well-being, Astrid decided to do a little test of her own. Dropping the brush that she held with her foot, and transferring the soap to her foot, she began to tickle Lux. Lightly at first, but as Lux continued to twitch and sidle to and fro the tickling grew in intensity. "Luxzz, whatsha doin'? Luuxxx!"

Nagasani frowned as well. "Dear oh dear, the alcohol seems to have hit her rather hard. Hmm," The handmaiden pondered for a second, trying to gauge the terrestrial's conscious state. Seeing that Astrids ministrations were getting a reaction out of her, the handmaiden decided that continuing with course was probably the best way to gague her mental responsiveness.

Though the light touches and pokes seemed to be snapping Lux from her dazed state, it seemed to only have a slight effect overall. The girl was only reacting instinctively, and was swaying a bit as she struggled to stay upright. So, Nāgasāni pondered when she realized how ineffective just tickling the girl was. She considered her options—Lux was certainly at her mercy, but teasing the girl was proving to be little fun since she barely seemed cognitive enough to respond. There was no joy to be derived from Lux when she was like this.... But, if she was indeed touch-sensitive, then, possibly....

Nāgasāni was feeling a bit more...playful than usual, perhaps it was the small drink she’d shared with the two Exalted, or maybe it was the overall atmosphere, either way, Nāgasāni dared to go a bit further then just light touches. She poked, pinched and Astrid had stated before, the Fire Aspect was soft. The more pressure Nāgasāni seemed to utilize, the more Lux seemed to physically respond, though she still seemed mentally vacant. The handmaiden did giggle a bit, and an idea occurred to her, she remembered earlier, what Lakshmī had done when attempting to get Lux into the tub....

It’d certainly spurned the bashful little Dragon-Blooded back into reality when she’d been so overcome by embarrassment. Perhaps it would work again.

“Ah, Lady Lux, you know you cannot possibly enjoy yourself proper if you do not regain yourself, at least a little.” the handmaiden hummed a touch, and when Lux unsurprisingly failed to respond, “Very well, it looks as if I must resort to more drastic measures to rouse you then.” As Lakshmī had done before her, Nāgasāni delivered a sharp slap to Lux’s hindquarters...which resulted in the Exalted going rigid and squeaking, loudly. Somewhat snapped from her state, Lux’s mind struggled to comprehend the situation, her recall was vague, at best. But, she knew that she was feeling...nice? She was in a nice place, it was warm and it smelled pleasant too, like herbs and flowers.

A silly smile came over her face as she entirely forgot about what roused her in the first place, and she swayed, entirely unaffected by any attempt to keep her upright as she let out an airy, mindless giggle and relinquished herself to gravity’s power and flopped over gracelessly into the tub, pulling both of the other women with her.

Crashing into the bath and letting out a squeal at being unexpectedly knocked down, the trio sent water everywhere and became a heap of tangled limbs as Nagasani and Astrid each struggled to bring Lux back up. The world was spinning a bit and it was hard to figure out which way was up. In the resulting attempts to get up, Astrid was pretty sure she grabbed something she shouldn't have. After realizing this, adrenaline rush from embarassment suddenly made the world stop spinning and she exploded out of the water, standing bolt upright. "Notta werd. From eider a' ya."

Little senseless giggles worked their way out of Lux while Astrid worked to free herself from the tangle, her face was barely above water and she herself didn’t care to move too much, she was perfectly content, even when something of hers got grabbed. Why did Astrid tell them not to say anything...?

Fearing that Lux may drown, she picked the girl up, and for reasons she couldn't quite remember, she lifted her into the air as if presenting a new puppy. "Beee-*hicc*-hold! The lovverlyy lady Luuxx! She *hicc* gotter perdy dresh! And sooonn! *hicc* Ima get uh perdy dresh!"

Lux laughed dizzily as Astrid seemed to present her to the room, as she began to mindlessly parrot the Lunar quietly, “Perdy dresh, perdy dresh~” almost singing it.

Then she held Lux close to herself, rubbing her cheeks against her own and declaring, "She ish the shoftest thing in tha hole wide Creashion! How shweet ov 'er to keep muh company in tha baf!" Lux began to giggle, again, from this.

Like a child showing off her toy, Astrid put Lux's face so close to Nagasani's that they were almost touching. "An' bootiful Nagashani! Who zet this awl up! For mee." Stepping forward, she embraced them both in a bear-hug and started giggling. Lux squealed happily as she was forced into the hug, and madly tittered in delight. Hugs were nice—something told her to hold onto this memory, to this feeling, to remember it for the future regardless of anything else...but why? She didn’t need to remember that hugs were nice! Everyone knew that!

Suddenly, Astrid remembered why she had been called to the palace, and that soon she'd be leaving Nagasani. Then she started to tear up, "Oohh nooo! Nagashani! I'm leeaavvin' shoon!!!" Holding them with only one hand now, she unconsciously began to squeeze them even tighter, all the while alternating between wiping tears from her eyes and patting Nagasani's head. Though not quite crying, she continued to slightly tighten her grip as she kept repeating the phrases, "Good Nagashani. Pretty Nagashani."

Though still utterly stupefied, Lux sensed the sudden shift in Astrid’s mood—about how they were going to leaving soon and wouldn’t see Nāgasāni for a while.

Still pressed firmly against both the Lunar and the handmaiden, Lux wriggled one of her arms free started to help her wipe the tears from her eyes, “Nnnoooo, no cr-cryin’! Do’n cry, pleeeeease.... Do’n wanna see y’cry.... Too pr’tty to cryyyy....” Lux slurred her words, shushing Astrid, trying to soothe her. “We's gonna seeeee Nāgasāni againnnn....” Her words seemed to calm the Lunar, as she had been on the verge of tears, but was now only sniffling, her face growing red with embarrassment. Not many people called Astrid pretty back home. They were all too in awe of her. "O-*sniffle*Okay."

Nagasani was alternating between laughing, struggling for air, and giving a few shrieks of her own as she and Lux were manhandled by the lunar. Finally getting a moment where everyone stopped moving for a second, she reached up and tapped the cheiftain on the shoulder. "There there, Lady Astrid, once you and Lady Lux return with Madam Amarel we will all be able to spend time in each others company again." She folded one arm around Lux's waist and the other around Astrid's. "I have faith that between the two of you it will take no time at all." A warm smile came across her face as she squeezed both exalts firmly. Returning the gesture, and putting an arm on Nagasani's waist, Astrid struck a triumphant pose, caught up in the moment.

Lux wormed her other arm free from between Astrid and Nāgasāni and happily returned the three-way embrace. She started to ramble away again, “Gonna saaaave ‘Marel, gonna saaaave her....” Face flushed from the heat of the bath and the alcohol still in her system, Lux smiled at both women, “Luuuux is…isssss not w’rried, Nāgasāniiiiii s’right, we gonna save Am’rel~”

"Yish! Nagashani gone be 'ere waitin' fer ush!" Smiling another big goofy smile, Astrid began to repeat Lux's claim that they were, "Goooneee saaaave 'Marel! Saave 'Marel an' retuurrn ash hero! Mish Nagashaannii gone be waiting! Then we haf' anudder baf!!!" On the last word, she pounded her chest with a fist, as if to emphasize the importance of the bath. "Nao... Where'sh our perdy dreshes?"

Giggling, Lux was glad that Astrid’s spirits had been lifted. They were going to do this, they were going to save Amarel and see Nāgasāni and all of the handmaidens again—and yes, they were going to have another bath! All of them were going to be heroes—they were going to kick someone’s hindquarters and have an adventure! But first.... “Puuuurdy dr’” Lux hummed out.

A small burst of laughter from the far side of the room was the response. The remaining four handmaidens had been watching the display with a fair bit of amusement. Wiping a few merry tears from their eyes, Vengalu was first to step forward. "We have them here for you my Ladies. If you'll join us we'll have you robed and ready for your adventure." Behind her two sets of stands stood holding hand selected articles of colorful clothing and jewlery along with a pair of mirrors and chairs, one each for both exalts.

Leaving the bath, Astrid managed to stagger over to one of the chairs, slumping into it rather ungracefully. Excitedly, she clapped her hands and giggled, obviously taking pleasure in getting a pretty new set of clothes. Something about this request had been lost in the course of the bath... After a few moments she remembered she'd asked for several more things. "Ish the Burnin' Mantish bringing muh gau....grea... Greavesh and gauntlit?" A more nervous laugh came from Vengalu this time. As amusing as Astrid's antics were while drunk, she she didn't relish the idea of seeing her armed while in that state. "Master Mantis is speaking with lord of the armory right now about that. I'm sure he'll have it ready for you when you next see him. Now come, sit, lets do your hair and get you dressed."

She was actually excited about getting dressed up and putting her pretty outfit back on—she and Astrid would both be dolled up~ It was thrilling, so thrilling! Lux wandered out of the bath much in the same vein as Astrid, inelegantly. She walked with the grace of a newborn deer across the room, not bothering to cover herself up in the least til she flopped down into her own seat. Humming happily, the Dragon-Blooded gave a big smile, “Cccccccan I h’my purdy dr’ss back? Pleaaaase? I d’wanna wear some...somethin’ else yet! Like it too much....” Lakshmi and Hotton giggled a bit and pinched her checks. "As you wish lady Lux, but only if you promise to hold still while we put your make up back on."

“’Course! I’mma hold...still!” Lux garbled out, causing Hotton to gently laugh at the tipsy Exalt—what a contrast this was when compared to before. Indeed, it’d been fun transforming Lux when she was an unwilling participant, but this eager attitude was also quite nice too.

“Wonderful to hear, Lady Lux, we promise that you’ll look as wondrous as before.” Hotton assured her, smiling.

And with that the handmaidens split into two groups, Vengalu and Periya for Astrid and Hotton and Lakshmi for Lux, and began their final pampering. They combed the exalts hairs, applied perfumes and oils, and pinned up jewelry. A small scuffle broke out when Periya tried to paint Astrid's lips against her objections, but nobody was hurt and Nagasani managed to convince the Lunar to put Periya back down again. Astrid's hair they paid special attention too, and bound it up in two long pig tails that went down to her waist. Then they brought out the dresses. For Lux, the same gold, green and white dress as before pressed and dried. For Astrid they presented a short kimono that ended just above the knees and was slightly open to the sides below the waist for ease of movement. They gave it a low neckline as well in keeping tradition with Astrids previous outfit. It's body held images birds woven with golden threads present against a sapphire blue background, with black and red trimings along its edges. They wrapped her in it and bundled it closed with a red and white sash, itself tied with a golden string and on her back they tied a large purple and white bow before finishing by presenting her with gem studded sandles. Finally finished, they scooted both exalts infront of the large mirrors and awaited their opinions.

As promised, Lux remained still as she had her makeup reapplied, a part of her felt a little disappointed that Astrid seemed so against wearing makeup too, but it was okay! She was already so pretty to begin with, there was no need for her to have pigment and paint applied to her face. The whole process of having her dressed, and made ready to face the world again in a manner that befitted her status as an Exalted and guest of Fakharu went far faster and smoother this time, due to the fact that Lux did not protest or struggle against the handmaiden’s efforts. Given how giddy Lux seemed to be to get back into her dress, Hotton and Lakshmī decided to grant the little Dragon-Blooded some semblance of mercy this time around, and agreed that they would not force her back into the corset.

As Lux had insisted earlier, her waistline really was tiny enough...and enviable, she was so petite and had a rather nice figure. She didn’t need to have it enhanced by a corset at all, that’d really just been for their own fun.

As she and Astrid were presented before the floor mirrors in unison, both of their makeovers completed within seconds of each other, Lux looked at her own reflection, and unlike before, she joyfully smiled at it. She did not have a moment of disbelief, nor did she feel a lick out of her element—she just felt beautiful! “I, I look s’pr...pretty! Pretty, pretty, pretty~” she sang, clapping her hands a bit in delight.

Astrid was still hoping to receive her sping-loaded requests, but seeing herself in a mirror in such a stunning outfit caused her to forget about it for now. "Yisshh! I'mm shooo peerdy!!!"

Elated, Lux looked over at Astrid as she took in own appearance. She looked so nice—her outfit made her look just that much more amazing. It was enough that made a still very drunk Lux repeat her earlier faux pas, when she’d so dumbly stared at her handmaidens. She couldn’t help but gawk at Astrid—like she’d said before, the Lunar was pretty! Both of them were—they both had on their pretty dresses! The quintet was amazing, so, of course they’d look wondrous. “We's look so niiiice...this s'all nice...I love all you guuuuys....”

Doing a bit of a twirl on the ball of one foot, Astrid admired her new outfit for a few short moments before remembering that Lux was also back in her 'perdy dresh.' Dashing over to the Terrestrial, gasping as she saw Lux once again in her fancyware. "Luxsh! Yer sho peerddy!!!" Springing at the girl, she swept her up into a hug and began spinning with the girl held in a bear-hug.

Lux squealed and laughed in delight as the Lunar hoisted her up, and spun her about. She returned Astrid’s tight bear-hug, thrilled that the woman thought she looked pretty. Astrid had realized her own beauty, but, Lux couldn’t help but comment on it, “You’s so pr’tty, ‘Strid~ Look, y’look like a a w’rk a’art!”

Squealing with delight at Lux's comment, Astrid put her face next to Lux's and began to rub their cheeks together again. "Thash sho shweet! Yer perdy an' shawft an' shweet!!! Lesh go fin' the ofers and show'em er dreshes!" Without waiting for an answer, Astrid called upon Luna's favor, to increase her speed, and sprinted out of the room to look for the rest of their party, Lux still in tow. Bits of anima glittered behind her and her tattoos and caste mark began to glitter slightly, flowing with the power of Luna.

“Byyyyyyye!” Lux shouted back at the handmaidens.

When she reached a small balcony overlooking a courtyard, she flung herself off the side of it, landing in the courtyard. "Where da ya fink they be?" Her voice squeaked with confusion at the end of the sentence, the palace was so terribly large all of a sudden, and it seemed easy to get lost in it.

As Astrid and Lux's forms disappeared out the window Nagasani turned her gaze from the vanishing backs of their new friends and gave her 'sisters' a messuring look. "So..." She drawled whilst slipping on a fresh new gown. "Did any of you remember to equip them with new undergarments?" Lakshmi winked and stuck out her tongue. "Nope~!" Nagasani wasn't sure whether to praise her or groan.

Screaming joyfully, Lux laughed while midair, and continued to giggle madly even after they landed in the courtyard. Why didn’t she ever go ahead and jump out of windows like that? It was fun! Lux looked up at Astrid, who still had a hold on her. ”M’nooot sure...if a’yone can find’em, we’s can!” she cheered. They were going to go show everyone their pretty dresses and celebrate their newfound friendship and the fact that they were going to save Amarel and be heroes!