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located in The Teslatorium, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Teslatorium

The Governor's private hangar, where his trusted engineers and scientists invent, and explore, new inventions


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Vragi also giggled as the other two settled into the room. With some effort he hoisted himself onto his bed, perching on the edge of the mattress.

He looked around the room, nodding contentedly. He also seemed interested in the structure the raccoon had built for herself.

β€œHmm…” he appeared deep in thought, as if posing himself some question. Abruptly he began to lift up the covers and sheets, inspecting them and measuring them in his head, before jumping down and addling over to the chest, taking some of his equipment and using it to make a tent-like structure. Evidently the question he’d had in mind was how impressive a fort could you make with bedsheets. He stood back and looked at his makeshift creation, with a quizzical expression.

He looked between the two structures, before saying, "I have more work to do." He then got to inspecting his fort, checking for ways to improve it.