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"When you've got nowhere to go,
I'll be your home"

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"I have the best dad in the entire world"
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"Appa..." the sound of Autumn's delicate voice traveled down the narrow hallway into the living room where Jacob had been all of his daughter's belongings into the suitcase she had decided to use. His brows scrunched in frustration, pondering on how he would explain to his little girl that she either needed to take less clothes or choose a bigger suitcase. "Hmm?" it was silent for a couple of seconds until tiny footsteps could be heard against the polished wood floors. The young father lifted his head to the view of Autumn walking into the living room, small white chihuahua in her hands. He already knew what she would ask even before she spoke. "Where is Chloe going to go? Does she fit in your bags?". Jacob let a wide smile spread on his face before kneeling down in front of his daughter and freeing the small dog from her grasp. "Chloe is staying with aunt Jazz for a few days." The disappointment immediately shows on the small girl's face, but she doesn't argue. Instead she takes a few steps over and places a gentle kiss on the dog's coat. "Don't worry Chloe, we'll be back."

After much needed rearranging and negotiating, father and daughter finally agree on leaving a few items behind, and fitting a few into Jacob's own luggage so that Autumn could keep her favorite suitcase. After all, Jake had no way of knowing how long they would be staying in England. As long as necessary, that was his current resolution, however that was easier said than done. England was a large country, and Jacob had not a single clue where to start looking. When he'd spoken to the doctors, they had been very vague. No one knew where this infamous doctor had ran off to. Most didn't even know if he was still alive. Jacob had barely managed to get a tip from an anonymous family member about his being somewhere in England. So here he was, bags packed and a pair of one way tickets to London, his starting point. Maybe it was a reckless move. Maybe he'd be wasting his time and money for nothing, but he wasn't going to sit back and wonder what if. He would find this doctor at whatever the cost.

Autumn slept most of the flight, while Jake watched her. One month. He had one month to find this doctor before Autumn's condition got out of hand and too extensive to operate. The thought of losing his one and only daughter, the most important thing in his life, brought a heavy feeling to his chest. He closed his eyes, letting his head rest on the back of the seat, and swallowed down the lump in his throat. He was going to cry. Not while there was still hope.

Somewhere along the flight, Jacob drifted off to sleep. His dreams in the form on memories combined with nightmares. He woke to the sound of Autumn's voice calling for him as she pointed out the small window to their left. Jake blinked the sleep from his eyes, just in time to hear the captain announcing that their would be arriving shortly. Suddenly, all the nerves he had been pushing back jumped into his stomach. What if he couldn't find the doctor? Or what if he did find the doctor but the man refused to help them? What if the doctor was physically unable to operate now? All the doubts clouded his head, muting everything around him to the point where he missed the first few times Autumn called him. "Appaaa, are you falling asleep again? We're here!" The man looked from her daughter to the seat belt sign that had already been turned off and immediately got to his feet. He could see Autumn squirming in her seat with excitement ad he pulled their bags down from the overhead compartment before extending a hand for her to take. "Let's go!"