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located in The Teslatorium, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Teslatorium

The Governor's private hangar, where his trusted engineers and scientists invent, and explore, new inventions


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Character Portrait: Adam Skelecoot ((Roleplay Creator)) Character Portrait: John Skelecoot Character Portrait: Max the Robloxian Character Portrait: Jack "The Ducky Boy" Quackers Character Portrait: Fancy Pants Character Portrait: Skitters Character Portrait: Sir Betelgeuse Grimms Character Portrait: Vragi Odd
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"What indeed, the possibilities are quite literally countless," Grimms comments with a short chortle. "Been ages since I've been at the edge of my seat with anticipation. It would appear we all share that in common, escaping our cooped up lives."

"Countless possibilities, discoveries, treasures, power, it is a bit exhilarating," she muttered, curling up with her pillow in a ball. "But in the end, I want to not be looked down on, called a bloody rodent. Or something like that, always felt like something in me was empty."

"Well, we're all trying to fill a void. Luck to us that we all find what we've been missing!"