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located in The Teslatorium, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Teslatorium

The Governor's private hangar, where his trusted engineers and scientists invent, and explore, new inventions


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A metallic, high-pitched whine would interrupt the volunteers. Upon closer inspection, they would discover that, unbeknownst to their initial inspection of the room - strangely enough - there was a strange, segmented funnel jutting out from the top of a wall, that was shuddering as the disembodied voice of Jonathan echoed from it.
"Helloooo, passengers! I've finally made it to the helm, and will be starting up the engine. During this, you might experience a bit of confusion as the Innovatium starts to pump through to the main thrusters and be ignited, theoretically resulting in a fair amount of residual radiation. But not to worry; this should not do you any harm. Starting the engine... Now!"
The cabin would begin to shudder, the ceiling lamp above waving erratically. A distant hum, once hidden in the background, was beginning to raise in volume and intensity, somewhere in the supposed direction of the Innovatium Engine. Outside the window, engineers and apprentices were backing away from the vessel, cheering and waving miniature flags. Somewhere in the distance, a band began to play a boisterous tune, likely the undead country's anthem, as the crowd would soon begin to sing along, words and phrases such as "God save the..." "Long to reign over us..." and so on drifting into the air as the hum indoors took a disconcerting tone.
"There we are," piped John from the gramophonic speaker. "Now, let the S.S Victoria begin its maiden voyage to the great beyond!"
The shuddering would make an abrupt stop as the skeletal crowd, who were now screaming in anticipation, began to drop from the window's view. Somewhere ahead of the ship, muffled by the hull and the humming, the passengers would hear the sound of something large and metallic begin to move, punctuated with occasional, thunderous clangs; discerning from how the noises seem to be emanating from just above the vessel, the Teslatorium must be opening up by quite a bit to allow the S.S Victoria to leave. After about 20 seconds, the ship would finally move forward, oddly flowing in its acceleration, like an iceberg with propellers in the back.
Soon, the vessel had left the hangar, the view replaced by an admittedly stunning panorama of the city below. Smokestacks towered over countless buildings, the sky being invaded by even more streams of smoke weaving into the clouds. As the ship spun, they would get a view of the sea, copper in colour and strangely silent, excusing the occasional steamer and other vague shapes along the horizon.
Eventually, John's voice would sound again. "Take a good look at the city. For over a hundred years, we've stuck to the machinations of the steam engine, hoping to perfect its use on every aspect of our technology. Now, with vast experience with Innovatium under our belt, we have achieved what was considered impossible back in the reign of our deceased majesty. The word has been spread, the town criers have brought the news, and millions of eyes are watching us at this very moment, most likely to see if I blow the damn thing up on the first jump, the bastards. Ahem, anyway, fasten yourselves on something, everyone! To the Edge!"
The background hum was now raising into a whine. Those who are on the ship will feel the uneasy sensation of moving at a fast speed while remaining in place, until the second part became irrelevant; S.S Victoria would achieve the unlikely of reaching the speed of light from a standing start.