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the doctor- #bbc89c - outfit
xxxi feel so damn worthless
xxxanother day is gone
xxxand all my faces are alibis
xxxand me, I'm half the man I wanted to be
Ben rolled his eyes at the mention of Rose following him around, glad that he’d finally escaped her. And judging by her reaction, she’d finally gotten the hint as well. He was glad for the walk, the cold air clearing his head a little. It was cold here, colder than he’d been used to back home. During the winter, in the pouring rain and howling winds, he often missed the place he’d called home for so long. But nights like this, clear, dry, crisp nights where he could look straight up and see the stars, he felt like he never wanted to leave.

It seemed that Jake had the same sentiment, making a comment about the peace more to himself than to Ben. There was a moment when the other man seemed lost in his thoughts, only startled out of it by Autumn asking him if he was okay. Ben cleared his throat at the question, looking up at their destination. “Yeah, this is it. After you,” he said, holding the door for Jake and Autumn.

They were quickly shown to a table, it being blissfully quiet as Ben had expected. He spent many an evening at the bar. There, he could drink in peace, knowing it would stay quiet and that he wouldn’t be surrounded by people. The waiter seemed to recognize him and gave him a small smile as Ben nodded, sliding into his seat and pulling off his coat. “Everywhere here is quiet. Peaceful. Good place to escape to, if you need to,” Ben said, mostly in response to Jake’s earlier comment. He couldn’t shake the feeling that Jake was hiding something too, and just wondered at what exactly this man and his daughter could be hiding. Ben could feel the shake in his own hands as he picked up the menu, and wondered if it was even his place to know. But if Jake was looking for somewhere to escape to, he’d picked the right place.