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located in Earth, 2102 AD, a part of Commedia dell'arte, one of the many universes on RPG.

Earth, 2102 AD

"How did we ever let it get this bad?"


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Washington D.C. - FBI Headquarters

Peter's mouth hung a little looser now that he had seen what was unfolding on TV. Strong words from the head of Nobis himself, and the beginnings of a breakdown in the Republican and Democrat parties to boot. The President was already making his speech about the government shutdown, had some very angry, pointed words about the 'betrayal' by Victor Bentley, but the President himself seemed quite a bit shaken by the whole ordeal. Peter wasn't usually surprised, but this certainly had done the job. A slight grin grew on his face, as Peter found it hard not to be a little impressed by the gusto of everything that was occurring.

A couple coworkers were whispering about what had happened already, others were getting more vocal. 'Office chatter' you might say, with some people already getting their 'about time', 'this is how the end starts', and 'what a complete traitor' remarks out in the air. Thomas remained quiet himself, mostly just observing everyone and playing the 'active listener' rather than the 'active talker'. He wasn't about to lose his job over actual politics becoming office politics.

Peter just smirked, not bothering to say anything to anyone himself. He put his cigarette out in the cold remains of his coffee, and made his way over to their interesting guests. It was time to get some work done.


Once Peter was in the interrogation room, he closed and locked the door, and spun a chair around on the side of the table opposite Xander and Bashemath, sitting down and facing them directly. "You know, I find you two incredibly interesting." Peter said with a slight smirk. "Both of you could have done all kinds of damage already. Maybe not kill every one of us, I mean we might even take you down, but I feel like in certain circumstances that wouldn't matter to you. All that, and you've chosen not to be a threat."

The man chuckled as he poured a glass of water for himself from a jug that was sitting on the table. "Feel free to have some if either of you need... Or can I guess." He took a sip, set the cup back down, and stared at them a moment again. "You see, why I find you so interesting is that I actually know you're not going to cause me any trouble. Let me be clear; I don't just feel this, or suspect this, I KNOW you won't, and not because you're afraid." Peter scratched at his chin slightly, giving it a rub as he took a moment to contemplate. "You two are actually choosing not to cause trouble by your own choice. I know that for a fact. So tell me... Why are you choosing to do this?" Now Peter's tone was serious. As serious as his question was.