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located in Alfheim, a part of Deliverance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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|| Here|| Junna ||

The smell coming from the hallway made her sick. This was not a good place, Kyo could tell that much as soon as they stepped through the threshold. The prison was modern, with bright lights and floors that smelled as though they had to be scrubbed clean of blood. Kyo swallowed hard, following behind Thirteen, her ears pressed flat against her head so that the sound of harrowing screams would not bug her. Why was Pariya in a place like this? Was it because she had tried to kill Thirteen? "Are you scared?" Thirteen asked, glancing back at her. Kyo shook her head, swallowing hard. "I'm not scared," she mumbled in a lie. Thirteen grabbed onto her, but not roughly. He led her by her elbow, to a locked door. Kyo waited as the bio signature recognized him. The two of them descended a staircase, a light flickering brightly above them.

The room smelled even worse than the hallway. Kyo could hear Pariya before she saw her and when her eyes descended on the form of her friend she gasped in horror. "What did you do to her?!" Kyo attempted to run forward, but Thirteen grabbed her and pulled her back. He pulled out his knife and knelt down as Pariya screamed obscenities. "Stop! What are you doing!" Kyo grabbed him, but Thirteen pulled Pariya's tongue out of her mouth and held his knife against it. "No! Stop! She'll die if you do that!" Thirteen wasn't listening, anger rippled off of him.

Why would he do this? Kyo didn't understand. "Stop it!" She screamed and the world spun, Kyo exited not only her body, but had pulled Thirteen out of his. Kyo blinked and it ended just as soon as it had started. Thirteen was back in his body, her grasp on him had slipped in her surprise. How did she do that? Kyo looked down at her hands. She was still next to her real body, slumped on the ground. Thirteen rose and returned his knife to his pocket. Kyo returned to her human form, wondering what she had just done. "Fix this mess," Thirteen said to the guard on their way out, gesturing to Pariya's form. "It's no fun playing with a stump." The guard nodded and saluted as Thirteen led Kyo out by the front of her dress. "Thirteen," Kyo squeaked. "Master?"

"Have more confidence in yourself." His words were a shock, "You aren't... mad?" They stopped at the end of the hallway. His arms wrapped around her, Eleven was passing by, staring at them strangely as he stroked her hair. "You're going to be a very good tool to me, Kyo, my pet." He whispered, watching Eleven as she passed him, entering the prison ward.