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❝As we continue walking forward what have we left behind?❞

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|| Ai no Scenario || Honeyworks ||

"You really shouldn't fall for the tricks, you know." Varsu said, as she was currently residing inside of Kyo's head. The plan was in motion, it wouldn't be long until they were ready to proceed. It all relied on Jake and Romo to fulfill their part of the plan - and both of the boys already agreed to it too. "He doesn't actually care for you, you know?" Varsu knew because while she couldn't go inside his head, she could go deep enough to know he cared not for Kiyo, but for a pet he could dominate and use as a tool. The plan needed Kiyoko with them and able to willingly leave the prince, since prying her from his grasp would be the hardest part of the mission. "You know there's a plan, didn't I tell you already?"

If all went well, Thirteen would no longer be a threat to them. However Varsu - well, wouldn't she be a burden on the outside? Here she was useful as she didn't need to physically move. Her legs had long since been ruined, she would never walk again even with the highest technology the aliens had. The only way to ever be free again would be by someone else carrying her around from now on. Even so, it would be worth it. To see the sun again, to be free again, to not have to sing again... if only that day could come. Well, with the new prisoners, Varsu would made sure that day would come. "Just hold on, and then we'll all be free." She told Kiyo. The migraines were pulsing, she could hardly breathe, she must have overused her powers. But if it was to save this Pariya who her past self so needed to, then it was worth it.


"Oh look! It's the mountain with many heads!"

Pariya pointed, jumping excitedly with joy. After leaving the lighthouse they finally found it, they found the area of the next clue! What would be waiting for them here, oh she was so excited to find out! "I'm surprised Mt. Rushmore is still around." Jake chuckled, gently nudging Kiki with his elbow. "It's almost nice to see ghosts of the old world." Kiki nodded, ears flopping around. "I already checked." She said with a soft smile. "There's no aliens here, we're safe." Romo and Pariya shared a conspiratorial smile - fellow escapees of the Survivalists, they were still together and still going strong. "Well, guess we better start looking." Romo decided, and Veronica followed his lead dutifully, sniffing around for a clue.

"I'm so happy! We get to have another adventure!" Pariya hugged all of her friends, secretly hoping they would never have to stop adventuring as a family.

"How is the prisoner?" Eleven asked the guard once he finished working on the drugged up Pariya. The guard shrugged - it was cleaned up at least. "She should have functionality returned to her, though her nerves will have to regrow and she may forget how to walk." The alien guard didn't seem to care all that much though. "Is there a reason you asked, miss?" Eleven regarded Pariya with emotionless eyes. "She has a peculiar mutation, it would be a shame if it was wasted by killing her." In any case, it was time to start speaking to the prisoners.