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located in Alfheim, a part of Deliverance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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❝I am a hell in high heels. ❞

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|| Here|| Junna ||

Kyo's ears twitched as they walked, Thirteen leading her by the front of her dress. She could hear Varsu's voice in her head and knew her words to be true. Kyo could not think about that though, for every time she had an emotion that was on her own, Thirteen warped it. She wanted to be near him, she never wanted to leave his side, she'd rather be dead than be taken away. Kyo was his pet, faithful, loyal. The effects of his empathy manipulation were powerful and could take days to wear off. "We'll take dinner in my room tonight, the Queen is busy preparing the army to reinforce the stronghold." Kyo nodded along, she didn't care, she just wanted to hear him talk.

"Thirteen, were you really going to cut out her tongue?"

"No Kyo, it was a test and you passed." They entered his corridors, dinner was already spread out on the table. Kyo was ravenous, she had skipped lunch out of sheer protest but now she was feeling the effects. She sat down across from Thirteen and dug right in, the food as good as she remembered. Yes, as long as she stayed here she would be alright. Thirteen needed her, she was useless otherwise. Her astral projection could only be of so much use outside of these walls. He watched her as she ate with vim and vigor. "Tomorrow you're going to see Temor again, he says you made good progress today." She wiped her mouth on a napkin, having to use one hand for everything. "My fingers were twitching," Kyo spoke proudly, her tail swishing.

"I couldn't feel them, but I could see it." Thirteen nodded, ever the Prince as he consumed his food. "Good, you'll be much more useful once you're whole." Not many knew this, but it was Thirteen that had honed her skill with the bow. Her aim was always true, they had spent many nights in the garden until the Queen had collected Kyo as part of her experiments. They had realized Kyo's usefulness, but could never unlock her potential. Therefore, she was allowed to remain in Thirteen's possession, who could hopefully bring out the gift within. She could be strong, perhaps as strong as Pariya or Jake, if only anyone knew how her ability worked.

"I had the help draw you a bath," Thirteen rose, "I must go meet with someone. Clean yourself up and go to bed," Kyo nodded, watching as he left. She rose from the table and went to the bathroom, scrubbing herself and putting on a pair of warm pajamas. Her bed was on the floor, in that curtained partition, it was cushy, but small and as soon as her head hit the pillow, Kyo found that she was drifting off to sleep.