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❝As we continue walking forward what have we left behind?❞

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|| Ai no Scenario || Honeyworks ||

How could Eleven think she could talk like this? How could Eleven think she had the right to say anything to her? Pariya ignored the tingling, true anger in her eyes, rare for a girl as upbeat as she always was. Though her vision was blurry and vague, she knew that pink hair anywhere. "Remi is my sister, and I know she's dead. She told me." And in this world, it was the aliens who were the villains here. They came and attacked, they ruined everything, what was once beautiful was -

Humans killing one another in wars decided by men in suits
humans selling each other into slavery for profit and fun
humans killing themselves because the despair has become too much
animals hunted to extinction for the rarest pelts and hides
forests become deserts as humans slaughter the trees

Aah, that's right. This world has never truly been beautiful, has it? Because humans walked the earth, it was always a cruel and terrible place. Pariya's eyes grew dim, the sparkle burning out and she hung there, limp, as Eleven lifted her up. Was this is then? Was this how Pariya would go and see Remi again? Would she be put to rest? As much as she had a drive to live, there was something intoxicatingly nice about the idea of peace. It would be nice if everyone could be at peace too. "Take me to Remi, kill me like you did her." The sticky-haired pinkette croaked, allowing Eleven to deliver her to her fate. No goodbyes to Kiki, to Jake, to Romo or Veronica. They would just have to carry on without her and see the human sanctuary for her.

And then she found herself hearing familiar voices again. Was this Heaven? Was this the afterlife? But she didn't even remember being killed! "No, you're not dead." Romo hugged her close as Veronica pawed at her legs. Jake patted her on the head. "Welcome back, Pariya. I'll get Kiyo and then we'll be out of here." Pariya felt dull surprise, still shooting a glare at Eleven's way. "If it wasn't for her none of this would even be happening." Just because Eleven for some reason saved them didn't mean that it wasn't Eleven's fault in the first place. "We'll never ever be friends!" Jake went off to go and find Kiki, the last member of their family.

"I'm glad you're here and alive, Riya." Romo always had been a calming presence for Pariya. He helped keep her together for as long as she could remember. "It was hard, but you did well. We'll see the happy future together with all of our friends." Pariya nodded, not sure if she believed in that naive wish anymore. "Remi's dead. So I'll have to see it for her." She would need a new purpose in life and was it to bad to want to revolve it around her new family? "And we'll be with you too." Romo told her as Veronica begged for pats, tail swishing. "Riya? What about the Varsu girl? She helped keep us all in the loop, I think we should save her too."

Pariya nodded firmly. "Then let's fly to the Xanivarn mansion after Jake and Kiki get back so we can bring her with us!"