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located in Alfheim, a part of Deliverance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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|| Here|| Junna ||

Eleven did not need friends, she did not need allies in this world. She had been set upon this plane to take fate into her own hands. The only bonds that Eleven needed were strong allegiances that could help her see her goal through. "I do not need your friendship," Eleven meant to sound harsh, but her words were soft, perhaps even lonely. The alien Princess handed the child off to her friends, who greeted Pariya warmly. Eleven would stand guard until Jake returned with Kiyo, who would hopefully be swift in this endeavor. She had told Jake the secret to closing himself off to Thirteen and that was to feel nothing. If even the smallest bit of emotion came through, Thirteen could harness it and use it against you and he would not hesitate to kill anyone that got in his way.

Jake held his breath as Thirteen walked out the door to take care of something or another. He clambered out from underneath the bed and grabbed Kiyo, something crunching beneath his foot. Papers, dozens of them. He gathered Kiyo in his arms, attempting to leave the space the way he had found it. He poked his head outside the door, checking that the coast was clear before he tip toed down the hall. Once reaching the end, Jake sprinted, noting that the halls were awfully empty. Where were the guards? Had Eleven taken them out before they had gotten there? Why was she helping them? Especially since she was the one that had caught them in the first place. Unless she had done it to prove a point and was helping them leave because it had been made? Jake swallowed hard, they had been used again.

"I got her," he slowed as they neared their escape vehicle. Eleven was waiting, guarding the vehicle. He remembered her power, the strange ability to move things without ever touching or even looking at them. He had no idea what to call such a thing. "Thank you," credit was given where credit was due. Eleven nodded as Jake set Kiyo down on one of the rows of the car. He had never driven a vehicle quite like this, but the basic foundation was the same, he would figure it out. "Everyone ready?" Jake asked as he popped into the driver's seat. "Let's get the hell out of dodge!" He hit the gas and headed towards the gate, ready to go. They sped off, kicking up dust as they fled the castle, making a clean getaway thanks to Eleven. Jake checked the rear view mirror for her pink form, but she was already gone.

"So, now we go save this Varsu kid, right?" Jake asked, glancing at them. Victoria howled in agreement, tail wagging, profoundly happy, now that she was back with her friend, Romo. "I don't speak hound, but I'll take that as a yes." Jake shifted the stick, kicking the car into high gear. They sped down the dark road, heading towards destiny.