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located in Alfheim, a part of Deliverance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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❝As we continue walking forward what have we left behind?❞

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|| Ai no Scenario || Honeyworks ||

Pariya was almost weeping by the time Jake and Kiyo finally made it back, both of them safe and sound. She did not want to have to lose anyone else, she was so tired of losing people she cared about. "Now we have to save Varsu, because she's helped us!" Jake took the wheel, they were now on their way to meet their fates in the dark of the night. They were eager to get back on the road to find the remains of humanity, but Varsu needed to be saved first. Pariya was able to direct the party towards the Xanivarn mansion, as it was where she had stayed during their time as pets of the aliens. "Xalin's not evil." Pariya assured them - there was no need to kill him. "He helped too in getting us free." It was he who set Jake and Romo loose at Varsu's prompting.

"If you love her set her free." Varsu said as she sat on her stool, useless legs attached by the ankles to the legs of the stool. Xalin was standing protective in front of her, the alien ruler who had lost his sister, and one of his beloved pets in just one day. "Eleven knows what I did, so it is not safe for me here." It was just a matter of time until the Queen realized one of the more powerful mutants of all. Still, Xalin seemed reluctant. "I'm going to be alone again." He murmured, holding his arms to his self. Pariya locked eyes with the alien who wiped her mind and wiped Varsu's as well. "Why? Can't Varsu just go into your head and visit you sometime?" The answer to this problem was just so obvious, why couldn't anyone see it? And with that obvious solution Xalin gave them his blessings. Of course, Varsu unlocked Kiyo's mind and allowed her to wake up again after both she and Xalin wiped Thirteen's influence from her mind.

After being given supplies and weapons for the trip, it was time for the team to go back to the road. Romo even discovered that Veronica could be Varsu's wheelchair for now since the girl could not walk. They were all tired and weary from their trials, from Jake being experimented on, Veronica being chopped up as food, Romo being starved and deprived of light and movement, Pariya and her jumbled mind, Kiyo being used as a pet against her will. "There it is." Romo said, pointing them at it. Mount Rushmore remained perfectly intact. "The last clue is here. Follow the heart and you'll find paradise." Varsu smiled a little and with Romo they were able to find the answer.

All the clues Romo and Pariya had been following lead them in the shape of a heart .So together the two geniuses solved the riddle in near seconds. "We'll go to the center, and the sanctuary will be there." They were so close now, just one final step until they could be safe from it all. The pinkette shuffled herself next to Kiyo, feeling both exhausted and exhilarated. She was ready to settle down and not have to be afraid anymore. "One more day of travel and we'll be there." She whispered to Kiyo. "How are you doing? Are you excited?" It was hard to be excited about things anymore, but Riya had no choice.

She had to see the world for Remi's sake, no matter how hard it got.