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located in Alfheim, a part of Deliverance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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|| Here|| Junna ||

Paradise was exactly what she had always wanted, a stable home. Kyo closed her eyes and breathed in deep, it felt like a dream, to arrive on a farmland where they would be safe at last. She and Jake had been roomed together, all men and women of age paired up to encourage things, although it was never forced. "It's so strange, to be at peace." Jake of course, was given guard duty and Kyo, considered incapacitated because of her arm, wasn't allowed to do much. She tried to contribute as best as she could, but spent most of her time attempting to rehabilitate her arm. There were plenty of tears until finally, she could grasp a pencil without it falling. Then, she could write her name in chicken scratch. Slowly, day by day, her arm and its function improved. She celebrated every step and almost six months later, Kyo completed her first drawing.

They were all hard at work to become part of the community, despite her reclusive tendencies, the other women invited Kyo to do things with them. She looked around for Pariya and Varsu, like she always did, but it seemed that everyone was busy with their own lives. That was alright, it was good that they forge bonds in their new community. While the other ladies birthed babies and did laundry, Kyo would sit in the fields and draw. No one bothered her much, some thought her to be unstable because of her time spent as Thirteen's pet and others avoided her completely. Children loved Kyo though, they would pet her ears and tug on her tail, wanting her to play with them.

One night, while eating dinner with everyone, Jake had gotten down on one knee and pulled out a ring he had forged himself. Kyo blushed something mighty and told him she had to think about it. After all, living together was one thing, stolen kisses and holding hands, but Kyo was barely eighteen! Still, she had taken the ring. Even now, she wore it on a chain around her neck, the sensation bothersome on her fingers. Could she really accept this? Could she be Jake's wife? They had both lost so much, Jake his fiance, Kyo her family. Today, Kyo stood in Pariya's kitchen, Romo and Veronica off doing their tasks. She stared at the ring, a pencil and paper waiting on the dining room table. "I'm sure your dreams will all come true," Kyo's smile was gentle. The flowers outside the house were as tall as the windowsill and their colors were mottled beautifully. Kyo sat down and began to draw, knowing it was the only thing she could do to clear her head.

She looked up when Pariya asked her the question, if she believed that Remi and Varsu were one in the same. "It could be," Kyo whispered. "I think it would be best to leave that question unanswered though." Yes, for all intents and purposes, Remi was dead. "Here," Kyo pushed the piece of paper in Pariya's direction. "Art, for your poems." A picture, a simple one, of all of them, smiling.

At Pariya's prodding, Kyo looked down at the ring. "I think I finally know the answer. I'm sorry Pariya, I have to go." Kyo opened the door and ran outside, the grass cold underneath her bare feet. Kyo headed for the fence, tears springing to her eyes. "Jake!" She called upon seeing the outline of his muscular form. "Kyo! Kyo? What's wrong?" The green haired girl slowed to a stop, nearly crashing into him. She breathed hard, Jake rubbing her back until she could stand up once more.

"I've made my decision." She clutched the ring in one hand, so tightly a mark would be left on her palm. "I will marry you."