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xxxand me, I'm half the man I wanted to be

Ben actually rather liked having Jake near by, just for the company. Even if they weren't speaking, the shop was so empty that just another human being's presence was welcome. And now that Jake wasn't looking, Ben didn't feel as self-conscious about the shaking either. He managed not to drop any books, and so managed not to draw attention to himself. He was actually starting to feel calm again, which was nice.

Hearing Autumn's voice made him smile without even thinking as she started chatting away to her dad about one of the books. Ben was only half listening, especially when Suzanne came over to ask him about some academic book someone had been looking for. It was only when he heard his own name being mentioned that he turned back around, grinning.

"If only I was as big and scary as a bear," He laughed, bending down to her level to see the book. "I'd be able to roar and scare off all the scary things, and give adorable little girls rides on my back," he said. "I'd be a nice bear, not a scary bear." He went back to stacking the books, this time listening to them a little more closely. The only time he'd really interacted with kids outside of work was some of his nieces and nephews. The last time he'd seen them, they'd been toddlers, just about able to walk and talk. For the first time in months, he let himself wonder how they were. How all of his family was. He was still in contact with them, but perhaps not quite as often as he should have been. He was afraid that they'd start asking him to come home, to ask why he'd left in the first place... or even that they might ask him to tell them honestly how he really was. He didn't exactly want his mother to know about the drinking or the nightmares or any of the other stuff he had to try and deal with. Let her wonder and worry in ignorance.

After a while, he glanced at his watch, realising that he was probably due to start lunch. "I'll be right back," he said, more to Jake but also to Autumn. After checking with John, their manager, that he was good to go on lunch and grabbing his scarf from the coatroom, he returned, wearing his lost coat. "You wanna go get food? What kind of food do you like?" He asked, bending back down to Autumn.