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You found a secret! Congratulations on unlocking KAITO's secret past as a Vocaloid!


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Backstage Secrets extra archive
( Congratulations on unlocking KAITO’s childhood! Please do not continue if you are Sakine Meiko or MEIKO.)

*6-year-old KAITO was hanging out with IA, SF-A2 Miki, SeeU, Luka, Gumi, Gakupo, Miku, Rin, Len, and MEIKO. The group decided to play hide-and-seek. Gakupo, being the oldest, decided to be the seeker. KAITO decided to hide in some bushes, and he was waiting patiently for someone to find him. He waited and waited, until it started getting dark. He couldn’t hear his friends’ voices anymore. Nobody was going to find him. He started trying to walk home, but only ended up getting lost in the maze of streets. In despair, he burst into tears. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice-his mother.*
Reiko(Kaito’s mom): Kaito! What are you doing out here so late?
Kaito: M-Mommy…*looks up* I was playing and they left me behind and I was lost and I thought I would never see you again! *bursts into tears*
Reiko: You will always see me again. *sits on her knees and hugs Kaito close, comforting him* You must have found a great spot to hide. Come on, let’s go home. Daddy must be waiting for us. *picks Kaito up and carries him home*
*Asahi (Kaito’s dad) looked up from his newspaper as the two came in. He immediately stood up and walked over to his son, brushing the tears out of Kaito’s eyes.*
Asahi: Kaito, are you hungry? I made your favorite shrimp tempura udon for dinner! *smiles*
Kaito: Y-yeah…I’m really hungry! *smiles big*
*Reiko takes off her jacket*
*Asahi goes into the kitchen and takes 3 udon bowls to the table*
Reiko: Kaito, want me to put your scarf away for you?
Kaito: NO! *shakes his head furiously*
Reiko: *giggles* Okay. *leads Kaito to the table*
*The family ate their dinner in light conversation. Kaito almost spilled his noodles twice, Reiko sneezed into her tea mug, and the cat got to try Asahi’s coffee. After dinner, Asahi brushed Kaito’s teeth and dressed him in his pajamas, and then Reiko read him a bedtime story. He fell asleep and slept soundly, in his room with his teddy bear that Asahi had as a child.*
(Time skip to when Kaito was 7)
*Meiko was sitting at the boys and girls club, playing with blocks. The rest of the children were tossing around a ball meant for inside.*
*Kaito walked up to Meiko, his scarf waving behind him*
Kaito: Meiko, do you want to play?
Meiko: *quickly puts blocks away* Who’d want to play with you, loser? *stands up and punches Kaito hard in the face* *goes and plays with the other kids*
*Tears fill Kaito’s eyes, and he runs to the corner of the room farthest from the children. He curls up in a ball, crying*
*IA notices that Kaito was crying and runs over*
IA: Kaito, don’t cry! I’ll play with you!
*Kaito looks at her and stops crying*
*IA offers her hand to him. He takes it and stands up, wiping his eyes*
*IA smiles* What do you want to play?
Kaito: I-I don’t know, what do you want to play?
*IA opens her mouth to answer, but Meiko drags her back to the other kids*
(Time skip to when Kaito was 10)
*Reiko, Asahi and Kaito were driving to a trampoline park when another car came out of nowhere and slammed into their car. Kaito was flung from the vehicle and landed in a ditch in the side of the road, severely injured. Reiko took the strongest hit and was instantly killed. Emergency workers and policemen arrived quickly, trying to assist Asahi, who was still barely alive.*
Asahi: I know…I don’t have…much longer, but…please…save…my son. He’s…the only…thing…I have. *collapses, dead*
*The emergency workers run to the ditch where Kaito lies. They quickly get him into the ambulance and to the hospital, where doctors start working hard to keep him alive. He has quite a few broken bones, one of which interfered with his heart, a collapsed lung, and brain damage.*
Doctor 1: This family isn’t ending here! We’ve got to keep this kid alive! He’s only 10, too young to die, for Pete’s sake!
*Kaito was in a coma for almost half a year. The doctors knew that he would have asthma and breathing problems, as well as the scars left all over his body. He finally woke up on his 11th birthday, and two Crypton employees came to take him home.*
*Kaito sat up to see two adults with the Crypton Future Media logo on their shirts walk into his hospital room*
Male Crypton employee: Kaito, you ready to go home?
Kaito: Y-yeah…*stands up and follows the Crypton employees to the car. When they start driving, Kaito starts breathing heavily, afraid from last time he was in a car*
Female Crypton employee: Jeez Kaito, calm down, it’s just a car. *slaps Kaito*
*Kaito squeezes his eyes shut, tears streaming down his face. He curls into a ball, trying to calm down but failing. When they get back to the “computer”, where the vocaloids live, Kaito is taken to a makeup room, where he is able to calm down. A makeup artist fixes him up and gives him a page of song lyrics*
Makeup artist: You already know this song right?
Kaito: Yeah, I do *smiles, it’s his favorite song*
Makeup artist: Alright, get out there and sing it. *points to stage door*
*Kaito goes onstage and sings “Old Radio”. Despite having no vocal training, his voice is beautiful. The crowd, thinking that he’s too good for Vocaloid, boos him and throws whatever they can at him. He falls down onstage, looking out at everyone with tears filling his eyes. The Crypton employees drag him backstage, and they yell at him, calling him a failure although his voice was perfect. They then beat him up and throw him in the recycle bin next to a new house. He spent the rest of his life until you ran into him in this cycle. He would perform perfectly, get yelled at/beat up, and thrown back home. Eventually he sank into depression, cutting himself along with the abuse. He stayed mostly in the shadows, afraid of what other Vocaloids did to him as well. He found himself crying too much, trying to fake a smile, and running from reality. His knife was the only salvation. But you could change that, if you helped him. And now is your chance.*