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located in Descendant Tower, a part of Descendant Academy, one of the many universes on RPG.

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H A R L E Y x W I L L I A M S
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Harley couldn't see the rescuers anymore, but he could still hear them. "You guys go on ahead, I'll get them out shortly." Seconds after the woman had finished speaking someone was already working on the cuffs around his wrist, she was shortly followed by a gust of wind. "How has your guys' day been?"
"Oh you know, working that 9-5, really just waiting until the moment I can clock out." Harley replied his rescuer, being as equally sarcastic.
"I'm Caitria Allen, daughter of Flash. As much as it pains me to say it, I'm not nearly as strong as I am fast, so I hope you can walk on your own." Before Harley could tell her that he was fine, she had already disappeared with Anastasia, and was shortly back to lift him.

"I might be able to catch you guys up to the others right now, but I'm definitely not strong enough to carry either of you beyond that," She told them. "So I really hope you can move on your own." And again they were off.

Once they had regrouped with the others, Caitria dropped Harley with a huff. "Yeah, I'm not made for heavy lifting." Harley placed a hand on her back and breathed in unison with her, his newly awakened powers transferred to her, and removed the pain and tightness she had from lifting both him and Anastasia. He gave her a friendly pat, to make it seem as if he was thanking her.
"Thank you, Caitria." His voice was sincere and his smile showed that he was worried that she'd exhausted herself. "Are you okay?"

As they followed along with their rescuers the alarm started to blare and the lights started to flash red. "So I take it that's our cue to leave?" Harley asked the group, but before he'd finished his sentence one had speed off and was smashing his way through the walls of the building. Harley could hear the thunderous footsteps of dozens, maybe hundreds of guards running their way. Harley hoisted Anastasia up and carried her in a fireman's lift as they chased after the group, unaware that the group itself was running right into the fight. Harley held back from joining the fight just yet, he wasn't even sure how his powers worked yet.

"We don’t have time for this. We need to go!!" Harley looked back up into where his rescuers were, the area looked clear for the moment.
"Wait here, Anastasia, I won't be long." Harley jogged up to the rescuers and focused on the corridors that the guards were using to reach them, before long massive walls of solid, burning hot ionic energy blocked them off. "How far until we're out of here?" Harley asked, now that they had a moment to rest.