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located in Racing Grounds, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.

Racing Grounds

On the border of the grounds.


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Ichiro knew something was wrong with his little sister for some time now, but had hoped she was open up to him if he gave her some time. When it became apparent that she was not going to talk about it openly, the half-breed knew that he would have to confront her. Hikari's actions were getting out of control.

He pulled into his reserved parking spot at the races and stepped out of his newly acquired 370z. It didn't take him long to find his little sister, as quite a few men were standing back, staring at her.

"Hikari," he muttered sternly, approaching her with a look of concern and frustration. "What do you think you're doing here? And dressed like that? This is no place for you."